How to add an Event/Announcement/Important Date/Information Session

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This video will demonstrate how to add an event/ announcement/ important date or information session to your website and/or the campus events calendar. To add an event you must first be logged in at the "" address. Once there, go to Add content in the main Drupal menu at the top of the page. From the menu that opens up select Event. Most of this is pretty straight forward. Enter the event name then select as little or as much as you know about the date and time of the event. If this is merely an announcement or important date and the time is irrelevant just leave that field alone. If your event has an end time select that checkbox and end of the date and time the event ends. If the event repeats say occurs every Thursday from 3pm to 4pm check the repeat checkbox and make the appropriate selections. Fill in the event description, event location and a link to more information, if needed these are not required fields. The advanced filtering options section is where you determine where this event item will appear. You can exclude it from the campus event calendar or identify it as an information session or just what some people refer to as an announcement or important date. The announcement option will prevent them from showing up on the campus events calendar and only appear on your website. These options also allow you a means of displaying separate calendars on your site. For example, if you post some events that don't use any of this filtering and then post some important dates where you select the announcements or important dates box you can display them separately on your site either together on one page or on their own distinct page with their own titles. Moving down the page you should attempt to identify your event type but it is not necessary. This function is used by visitors of the campus calendar so they can sort events based on these types. In this particular event we are selecting two types theater and workshop. The Category section of this form is the most important. It controls where this event will show up. If you create an event you should only check the box next to the site or sites of which you are a content editor. However as a content editor you can go in to existing events from other groups and have them display on your site. To find out how watch the video entitled "how to display other people's events on your site". Scroll down and select Save to create your new event. Provided you currently have events and/or announcements displayed on your site you should see the event appear no later than three hours after you made this change. If you do not have events displayed on your site please contact Web Services.