How To Add An FAQ

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This video will demonstrate how to add an FAQ. This video assumes that you're logged into Drupal and have permission to edit your site. Before you start to create a frequently asked question make sure that you currently have a page in your site where FAQ's are listed. If you don't have one contact Web Services before attempting to add a question. To add an FAQ go to Content -> Add content -> FAQ. In the Question field type or copy and paste the question. In the Answer field enter the answer and format it accordingly using the formatting tools at the top. Next in the Section Access field select the website where the FAQ is to be displayed. Next in the Category field select the specific FAQ under which this question will appear. If your site only has one set of FAQ's the Category name will be something like your "Site Name - General FAQ's. In this case "Admissions - General FAQ's". When you're done click Save and the FAQ is added immediately to the page.