Conference Call Options | Setup

A. Initiate a Conference Call from Your Telephone

(Up to 6 Total People)


Only the initiator can add callers.

To initiate a conference call:

  1. Start with an existing call on your phone
  2. Press More softkey

  1. Press Confrn softkey (caller is put on HOLD)

  1. Dial the number (9+number if off campus) of next party

  1. Once the called party has answered, press Confrn key to join all parties.

Repeat steps 1-4 for each person you are adding to the conference.

*If a party doesn’t answer or doesn’t want to join

  1. Press EndCall softkey
  2. Press Resume softkey

*To add an INCOMING call to the conference

  1. Press Answer softkey (when call is coming in)

  1. Press the More softkey

  1. Use arrow keys to locate conf call in progress, press the Join softkey

*To remove yourself from the conference

  1. Hang up your handset (while the remaining participants can remain in the conference, no one may be added to the call once the initiator hangs up).

*To remove any person called on the conference

  1. Press More softkey


  1. Press Confrn Lst softkey


  1. Use arrow keys to locate desired party on list, press remove softkey.

B. Request Audio Conferencing Services Through TNS  

(6-25 Total People)


Please note: This service is accessed via a toll free number by call participants and is billed back to requesting department at the rate of a $1.00 scheduling fee plus .05 per minute, per participant.

Requesting department must schedule services through the Telecommunications department. Submit request via email to, Please provided the following information:

  • Name of requestor - Must be CSUSB faculty or staff
  • Department responsible for the charges associated with the service
  • Date
  • Start and end time
  • Does department need a loaner conference phone? If yes, please provide location.

Once you initiate a request with our office, your conference will be set up. A conference code and ID will be provided along with detailed instructions for use. It is simple to use and convenient for those who must communicate with individuals from various areas. This is a popular service, so we do require NO LESS than a 48 hour notice for requests.  There is a $5 RUSH fee for less than 24 hour notice.