How to Register a DUO Token

  1. Go to the DUO homepage 
  2. Enter email address and password and press login.
  1. You will be required to use your own MFA to confirm the login.
  1. Click on “Users” on the left hand side.
  1. In the search bar, enter either the user’s name or ID Number and press enter.
  1. Click on the blue ID number link.
  1. Scroll down to “hardware tokens”
  1. Click on “Add Hardware Token”
  1. Type the 10 digit code that appears on the back of the Token.  It will be in the following format: ##-#########-#
  1. Click “Attach Hardware Token”


  1. To complete the process, click on “Save Changes”


  1. When user collects their token, please have them make three attempts to login, to verify that the token is functioning properly.