Renewing ESET

If you’ve already installed ESET, but your license has expired, follow these steps:


1. Go to the ITS Faculty/Staff Software Page or the ITS Student Software Page

2. Scroll down to “ESET AntiVirus Software” and click on the link titled “Get ESET Antivirus” You will see the following:


3. Once at the page, fill in all of the relevant information and press “Submit” be sure that you enter your or email address

4. An email will be sent to the address you entered into the form.  You will see the following:

5. Click on the provided link.  You will be directed to the ESET page:

6. Copy the provided Activation Key.  DO NOT click on the installer link.  You already have ESET Installed on your computer.

7. Open your ESET by clicking on the ESET icon in the lower right hand corner of your system tray.  You will see the following

8. Click on “Activate Product” You will see the following:

9. Click on “Enter a License Key” You will see the following:


10. Enter the License Key you’ve previously copied from the link in your email. 

11. Press Continue

12. Your key will be verified

13. At the Registration page, enter your information and press “Activate”

14. You have now renewed your registration.