New Campus Directory


CSUSB Telecommunication and Network Services has been providing campus phonebook for many years. After 2009, the printed campus phonebook was ceased as more information is being presented and retrieved online. With the launch of a new campus website in 2016, there is a need to update the current phonebook database structure to fit with the Drupal content management platform. The new campus directory will launch on Monday, August 13, 2018.


Based on data provided by department ASCs or technicians, TNS staff updates the campus online phonebook with employee and department information such as name, phone number, e-mail address, location, etc. As the campus continues to grow, it presents a challenge to manually update such information. The process is error-prone and there is no change control or validation of information from departments. Furthermore, many of the information displayed in the campus phonebook (e.g. names, e-mail addresses) already exist in the campus PeopleSoft database. Integrating the campus directory with such database will yield more accurate information and streamline the on-boarding/off-boarding process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find someone's email address?A: For security purposes, email adresses is only displayed in a person's profile and not on the search page. In order to retrieve a person's email address, click on the Profile icon next to the person's name and you will be able to access the person's email address on file.Q: Why do I have multiple records?A: Because the new directory is based on active employment records in PeopleSoft, employees who have multiple roles. For example, a faculty member who is a department chair, a staff member who is an adjunct faculty, or a faculty member who is a director for a center or research grant may have multiple records. Q: How is the new directory different than the old one?A: You will see a comparasion of the old and new structure of the directory below.

Field Old structure New structure
Name First and Last Names are manually entered by TNS Department.   *Employees who does not have an active campus phone (e.g. Some part-time lecturers) are not displayed on the campus directory. First and Last Names will correspond to employees’ official PeopleSoft name. Preferred names may be used if they are updated and approved by Human Resources.  
Title Current titles are user-submitted, there are no change controls and current titles do not comply to the campus Position Classification Working Title Policy*   * Staff titles will display the employees’ official PeopleSoft classification, unless explicitly approved by Human Resources.   MPP titles will display the employees’ official PeopleSoft working title.   Faculty titles will display the faculty’s official ranking (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer), additional faculty titles (e.g. Coordinator, Chair, etc) will be displayed within the faculty profile.
Department Employee department association are manually entered by TNS Department. The directory will list official university department names.   Employees’ department will be their official PeopleSoft departments or UEC/Auxiliary departments for non-state appointments.
Extension Phone extension assigned to employee or department main number or fax number. No change.   There will be an expanded “Department Block” in the new directory that will list the department location, main number, fax number.
Building/Room Building/room number are entered by TNS and corresponds to the location of the campus extension assigned to employees and departments. No change.
Email Employee email address as entered manually by TNS Department. Email changes may not be reflected if TNS is not notified. The directory will display employees’ official email address on file in PeopleSoft. Email address will be hidden from search page for security purpose. User will need to click on each individual's profile page to view the person's email address.

Q: Can I edit my profile?A: Yes, faculty profiles are editable by clicking on the Profile icon, then select 'Edit My Profile' to login. Staff may upload a university photo and on their profile page. Additional instructions are available at: (Faculty Profile) and (Staff Profile). Q: How do I update my information?A: Most of the information should be automatically updated via PeopleSoft. Please see the Request Update page for instructions on updating the various fields. If your department or title information is inaccurate, you will have to update the information through the established process with Human Resources or Academic Personnel. We are continuing to streamline and improve the update process.Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?A: Please contact Web Services at and we will make every attempt to answer your questions or direct your questions to the appropriate department.