Using the Blackboard Grade Center File

Why do I need a column ID?

The Column ID is critical to ensuring that the grade-records in the file-extract are imported to the precise column designated for the assessment. The consequences of having an incorrect Column ID include a failure of the upload process or an overwrite of a different column.

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How to obtain the column ID from you Grade Center?

After logging into Blackboard navigate to the course for which you are submitting a Test Scoring Request.

  1. Under Course Management click Grade Center and then select Full Grade Center.

  2. The page should resemble the example below.

  3. Click the chevron (drop-down arrow) in the gray circle to the right of the column header of the assessment for which the request is being submitted and select Quick Column Information.

  4. Verify that you selected the correct column by noting the Name attribute and then record the [Column] Name and Column ID on your Test Scoring Request form. 


IMPORTANT: Your grade data will not properly load unless you accurately provide the Name and Column ID. Possible consequences include a simple failure of the upload to process or an overwrite of a different column should the Column ID be incorrect.

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How to upload the file into your Grade Center?

Upon completion of your request via the Test Scoring Request form you will receive an email containing one or more attached files, one of which being your Blackboard Grade Center file.

  1. In the email find the attachment named “#####_blackboard_grade_center.txt”.

  2. Right-click the file and select Save As. You may save it anywhere you wish, just note the location and click Save.

  3. Log into Blackboard and navigate to the Full Grade Center of the course for which the file applies. Locate the Work Offline button in the upper-right, click it, and select Upload.

  4. On the Upload Grades page click Browse My Computer.

  5. Navigate to the location of the Blackboard Grade Center file, select it, and click Open.

  6. You will return to the Upload Grades page in Blackboard and your file should a appear as the Selected File. There is no need to change any of the options on this page, ECS has formatted your file for direct upload. Click Submit.

  7. You will be directed to the Upload Grades Confirmation page where you may verify the date that is to be uploaded into the Grade Center. Always ensure that the Uploading Column Name accurately matches the Grade Center Column; the column you wish to update. If it does not, you risk overwriting the contents of another column in your Grade Center. If the date appears to be correct then click Submit.


IMPORTANT: Should you encounter an error on the confirmation page, please visit the related KB article.

  1. You will be returned to the Full Grade Center with a green message bar at the top that confirms the upload. All grades for the test will be populated in the test’s grade column.

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My Blackboard Grade Center file won’t upload?

There are a couple of common reasons why a file will not upload and/or cause an error.

  1. If the Column ID was incorrectly recorded AND it is a Column ID for another column in the same course, then the data in that column will be overwritten; correctly identifying the Column ID is critical!
  2. If the Column ID was incorrectly recorded and is NOT the Column ID for another column in the same course, then you will get and “invalid Column ID” error message.
  3. If a student improperly completes the portion of Scantron for their CoyoteID, the record for that student will be flagged via an error message.
  4. However, if you click Submit all other records will be processed normally. Grades for missing records may then be manually entered using the standard test report that was delivered via the email.


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