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DUO MFA Requirements for Users with Access to Confidential Data

In order to comply with CSU security requirements as a result of the Chancellor’s Office Information Security Audit of 2012, the CSU elected to implement Duo Security for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) purposes.

Members with access to confidential information require this additional security measure in order to protect their MyCoyote login account information, as well as the sensitive information they have access to in PeopleSoft. The requirement of multi-factor authentication was approved by the campus IT Governance and is included in the CSUSB 

Access Control Standard updated 11.3.17

Duo is a two-step authentication solution that will require the end user to verify the validity of their authentication credentials, by providing additional information from a physical device in their possession, preventing anyone who has only the Coyote ID and password, from gaining access to a resource. The physical device could be a phone, cell phone, a tablet, or a hardware token. Please feel free to watch this short introductory video on Duo Security:

When you are enrolled into Duo, you will receive an email from with a link to add your authentication device to the service. Typically, this device is a smart phone using the Duo App. For those that do not want to use the Duo app on a phone or tablet, we have tokens available. Email TSC at <> to let us know that you want a token, and we'll assign you one — requires signing a 'Cryptographic Device Agreement' form.

We look forward to working with you in securing your account. Please feel free to the Technology Support Center at x77677 if you have any questions.