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The goal of the iCoyote initiative is to improve the campus experience by removing academic and technology bottlenecks, increase efficiency, proliferate mobility, and enable student, faculty and staff success.

iCoyote initiative





Initiatives (TI)

1. Improve mobile friendly apps, learning and integration with MyCoyote. 1.1 Improve apps at CSUSB by
  • Adding the ability to check-in, take quizzes, polls, and have traffic alerts.
  • Fixing Blackboard (BB) app through BlackBoard Services.
1.1.1 Implement app Improvements
  • CSUSB Mobile App should have:
    • A mobile device “class check-in” to a classroom for accountability
    • An in class quiz app or poll everywhere integration
    • Traffic alerts
  • Work with Blackboard Mobile App to fix the following issues:
    • Inability to see grades
    • Inability to access files
    • inability to scroll
Goal 3, Objective 2 TI 4, 6
  1.2 Provide additional free book resources for each class via contract with OpenStax, an online textbook repository, for use by students on campus. 1.2.1 Students should be able to access additional course related material through Blackboard or MyCoyote. Goal 4, Objective 3 TI 4
  1.3 Establish a mobile device accessible service feedback process with reports accessible by the CSUSB community. 1.3.1 Implement a service fulfillment system with a built in communication process that allows members of the campus community to provide feedback to ITS. The system should work with any device, can provide continuous feedback to ITS regarding services rendered and should also be capable of identifying bottlenecks in service. Members of the community should have visibility of service reports. Goal 1 Objective 3, and Goal 3, Objective 4 TI 6
  1.4 Implement responsive design based events system in HTML to allow mobile devices the ability to read events to the visual impaired. 1.4.1 Verify that the responsive design website for events can be read by screen readers. Goal 1 Objective 3, and Goal 4, Objective 2  
2 Improve Classrooms with the new technologies. 2.1 Configure computers in the classrooms to have multi-boot in applicable (i.e. Computer Science, Art, etc.) classrooms. 2.1.1 In classrooms, faculty should be able to select and use the operation system of choice for a classroom. Goal 2, Objective 1, and 2 TI 4
  2.2 Install new document cameras that can handle 3D (stereoscopic, anaglyph, etc) visual presentations in auditoriums. 2.2.1 In lecture halls / auditoriums faculty should be able to use 3D document cameras to present items and students should have access to 3D glasses. Goal 2, Objective 1, and 2 TI 4
3 Digital forms 3.1 Implement the following forms via an online form system to include work flow, digital signatures and availability through MyCoyote or mobile app:
  1. Registration
  2. Class drop/add
  3. Student assistant hire form
  4. Accounts payable
  5. Auxiliary form
3.1.1 Forms 1-5 should be available online with the ability for students/staff to sign electronically by 2018-2019. Goal 3, Objective 2, and 4 TI 2, 6
4 Introduce new collaboration & learning technologies. 4.1 Implement new collaboration and learning technologies:
  1. Add Practice presentation lab where students could watch themselves present.
  2. Ability for faculty to record lectures and post to Blackboard or media site.
4.1.1 Set up three presentation practice rooms. Meeting/study rooms should have check out or reservation functionality (off and on campus). Faculty should be able to record to Blackboard seamlessly without needing to download to local system. Goal 2, Objective 1, and 2 TI 4
  4.2 Add chat based informational services on campus website. 4.2.1 Live chat features from the website so students can ask common questions such as:
  • “How do I drop a class?”
  • “How do I join CSUSB?”
Goal 4, Objective 2, and Goal 5, Objective 2 TI 2
  4.3 Revamp key management process. 4.3.1 Electronic key smith machine to speed up key access. Goal 3, Ojective 1