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ITS Strategic Plan 2016-2020

ITS Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (PDF)


Our mission is to support student, faculty and staff success by providing world class customer service, fostering faculty-led innovation and research, and enhancing operational efficiency through the effective use of information technologies.

Core Values

  • Fairness & Equity
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Consultation
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

Trustee Initiatives (TI)

  1. Tenure-Track Faculty Hiring
  2. Enhanced Advising
  3. Augment Bottleneck Solutions Initiative
  4. Student Preparation
  5. High Impact Practices for Student Retention
  6. Data-Driven Decision Making


E- Learning – Online and Hybrid Course Development, Faculty
Support, Instructional Design, Learning Management Systems,
Faculty Communication Portals, E-Textbooks, Chancellor
Office Initiatives, Next Generation Distance Learning/Video
Conferencing, Classroom and Student Engagement


iCoyote – Mobile Everything, Improve Classroom
Technologies, Electronic Forms, Student Communication
Portals, Enterprise Workflow Management, World Class One-
Stop Services and Collaboration Technologies.


University Analytics – Institutional Intelligence, EAB,
Enterprise Data Warehouse, Financial Data Warehouse,
Predictive Analytics, End User Empowerment Intelligence.


Stable and Secure Infrastructure – Next Generation
Wired and Wireless Networks (Indoor and Outdoor), Cloud
Architectures, Information Security & Privacy, University
Policies, Distributed Technologies, User Provisioning and
Authentication Systems, Green Technologies.


iEngage – Inland Empire Regional Broadband Consortium
(IERB), Riverside County Digital Divide Project, Collaboration
with SBCUSD on GearUp and Other Programs. Engage
with the Office of Community Engagement on Community
Technology Projects.

Dear Campus Community,

I am pleased to present to you today the Information Technology Services (ITS) Strategic Plan 2016-2020. This document is a culmination of thoughtful and consultative work done by a team of students, faculty and staff from throughout the University community, and will guide the ITS Division in the support of students, faculty and staff and the academic mission of CSUSB for the next four years. The process started in October of 2015 with a series of presentations by experts from within and outside of CSUSB. This was followed by faculty and student forums, ITS divisional meetings, and surveys to students, faculty and staff. We received valuable feedback regarding the internal operations of the ITS Team as well as where we need to be headed over the next four years.

We divided the feedback we received from the Campus Community into three categories: (1) Operational, (2) Tactical, and (3) Strategic. We are addressing many of the issues expressed in the operational and tactical feedback and present to you the strategic goals and objectives of the process. We are currently prioritizing the objectives within each goal and formulating an implementation plan, which we hope to start operationalizing during the summer.

The strategic plan is aligned with the University Strategic Plan as well as the California State University Trustee Initiatives, both of which focus on the success of the academic mission of CSUSB.

We are looking forward to consulting, collaborating and communicating with all constituents of our campus community as we move forward with implementation. I sincerely appreciate your participation in, and engagement with, the formulation of our ITS Strategic Plan.

Best regards,

Samuel Sudhakar
Vice President for Information Technology Services & CIO
(909) 537-5100

ITS Strategic Planning

Date Activity
July 21, 2015 Amir Dabirian, VP & CIO of Cal State Fullerton presentation to ITS Leadership Team
July 27, 2015 Dr. Monty Van Wart, Professor, Public Administration presentation to ITS Leadership Team
August 25, 2015 Dr. Brad Wheeler, VP & CIO of Indiana State University Presentation to ITS Leadership Team
November 4, 2015 ITS Leadership Retreat - Moderated by Amir Dabirian, VP & CIO of Cal State Fullerton
November 16, 2015 Faculty Survey
November 24, 2015 Faculty Forum
December 1, 2015 ITS Staff Strategic Planning Forums moderated by Joanna Oxendine, Institutional Effectiveness Associate
December 3, 2015 ITS Staff Strategic Planning Forums moderated by Joanna Oxendine, Institutional Effectiveness Associate
December 11, 2015 John McGuthry, VP & CIO of Cal Poly Pomona presentation to ITS Leadership Team
December 17, 2015 ITS Staff ITS Strategic Planning Wrap Up Session
January 22, 2016 Hillary Baker, VP & CIO of Cal State Northridge presentation to ITS Leadership Team
January 22, 2016 Hillary Baker, VP & CIO of Cal State Northridge presentation to Faculty and ATI Team - CSUN iPad Initiative
February 4, 2016 Student Forum
February 5, 2016 Staff Survey
  E- Learning - Co-Chairs - Dr. Terri Nelson & Dr. Michael Chen
  E-Services - Co-Chairs- David Nimri & Jim O'Linger
  Analytics - Co-Chairs - Dr. Muriel Lopez Wagner & Lenora Rodgers
  Secure and Stable Infrastructure - Dr. Jake Zhu & Gerard Au
  Community Engagement - Dr. Diane Podolske & Felix Zuniga
March 29, 2016 First draft of Strategic Plan sent to ITS Division for feedback
  First draft of Strategic Plan sent to various campus constituents for feedback
April 4, 2016 First draft of Strategic Plan sent to IT Governance Executive Committee for feedback
April 5, 2016 Core Values Survey sent to ITS Division for feedback
April 8, 2016 Draft Strategic Plan revised by WG Co-chairs
April 20, 2016 Strategic Plan to IT Governance Executive Committee for approval
April 27, 2016 Final Draft of Strategic Plan Delivered to VPC

Working Groups

We want to express our sincere appreciation to the following colleagues for their help in developing the strategic plan.

e-Learning Department / College
Dr. Michael Chen, Co-Chair Information Technology Services
Dr. Terri Nelson, Co-Chair World Languages & Literature
Tracy Medrano Information Technology Services
Khalil Daneshvar Information Technology Services
Thinh Ly College of Education
Dr. Elsa Valdez Sociology
Dr. Janine Kremling Criminal Justice
Mellissa Patton Student Representative
University Analytics Department / College
Lenora Rodgers, Co-Chair Information Technology Services
Dr. Muriel Lopez-Wagner, Co-Chair Institutional Research
Dr. Mihaela Popescu Information Technology Services/Communications
Dr. Chris Lindfelt Undergraduate Studies
Anthony De La Loza Information Technology Services
Dorothea Cartwright English
Alicia Silva Student Representative
iCoyote Department / College
David Nimri, Co-Chair Information Technology Services
Jim O’Linger, Co-Chair Information Technology Services/td>
Jaime Long Social & Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Daniel Macdonald Economics
Eduardo Mendoza Advising and Academic Services
Felix Zuniga Information Technology Services
Gerardo Garcia-Sotelo Information Technology Services
Jana Dhargalkar Student Representative
Talisa Terrell Student Representative
Angelica Hurtado Student Representative
Selena Lopez Student Representative
ASI Advocate Student Representative
Dora Baldwin Student Representative
Stable & Secure Infrastructure Department / College
Gerard Au, Co-Chair Information Technology Services
Dr. Jake Zhu, Co-Chair Information Technology Services
Dr. Javier Torner Information Technology Services
David Hatch Information Technology Services
Andy Chander Information Technology Services
Ian Jacobs Information Technology Services
Dora Baldwin Student Representative
iEngage Department / College
Felix Zuniga, Co-Chair Information Technology Services
Dr. Diane Podolske, Co-Chair Community Engagement
Dr. Cesar Caballero John Pfau Library
Dr. Edna Martinez Doctoral Studies
Steve Waldman Information Technology Services
Qiana Wallace Undergraduate Studies
Janette Flores Information Technology Services
Erika Flores Student Representative
Liam Clapworth Student Representative