IT Governance Subcommitees

Academic and Distributed Technologies Committee


Dr. Janine Kremling, Chair

Dr. Luz Elena Ramirez, Professor, Arts & Letters/Library

Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Chair, Public Administration

Dr. Amy Leh, Professor, Education

Dr. Teresa Dodd-Butera, Associate Professor, Natural Sciences

Dr. Michael Chen, Director of Academic Technologies and Innovation

Dr. Kimberly Costino, Professor, English

Dr. Tatiana Karmanova, Dean, College of Extended Learning


  • The Academic and Distributed Technologies Committee will monitor policy issues that arise with regard to the University Policy on Distributed Learning and shall, as it considers appropriate, (a) refer a particular issue to one of the standing committees of the Faculty Senate for the development of a policy or (b) develop a policy on a particular issue itself and then refer the proposed policy to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  • The Committee will monitor and report on instructional technology and distributed learning trends and issues on campus.
  • The Committee shall seek to gather and represent faculty perspectives on questions relating to teaching, learning, or researching with instructional technologies, including distributed learning and other learning technologies, and it will work with ATI to provide services and support to the faculty. Faculty are free to bring questions and requests for support to either the Committee or ATI as they choose.
  • The Committee will recommend to ATI mechanisms that will support faculty in staying current on instructional technologies and distributed learning, such as opportunities for training, experimenting with emerging technologies, and support from instructional designer.

CMS Executive Council


Dr. Jake Zhu, Co-Chair

Lenora Rodgers, Co-Chair

Monir Ahmed, AVP of Finance

Tanner Carollo, Assistant Director, Institutional Research

Jacqueline Hughes, AVP for Academic Personnel

Grace King, Director, Office of the Registrar

Cesar Portillo, AVP, Human Resources

Olivia Rosas, AVP, Enrollment Services

Javier Torner, Information Security Officer

Rong Chen, Interim AVP, Academic Programs


  • Business Intelligence Driven Decision Making
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Institutional Data Management
  • Data Ownership and Access
  • Common Management Systems Projects

Institutional Data Team


Dr. Muriel Lopez Wagner, Co-Chair

Dr. Samuel Sudhakar, Co-Chair

Monir Ahmed, AVP of Finance

Gerard Au, AVP Technology Operations and Customer Support

Jenny Casillas, Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence

Tanner Carollo, Assistant Director, Institutional Research

Anthony De La Loza, Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence

Angela Gillespie, Office of Strategic Communication

Dr. Vipin Gupta, College of Business and Public Administration

Grace King, Director, Office of the Registrar

Dr. Christopher Lindfelt, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Marita Mahoney, College of Education

Lenora Rodgers, Director, Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Graduate Studies and Student Research

Dr. Javier Torner, Information Security Officer


  • Perform an Inventory of current data
  • Determine current sources of data – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
  • Location of the data – Internal or External
  • Ownership of Data
  • How is the data currently accessed by those who need the data?
  • What data mining tools are currently used?
  • What data warehouses does the institution own/maintain?
  • How and in what frequency is the data dispersed? Ex. Dashboards, reports
  • Formulate recommendations for the IT Governance Executive Committee

Information Security, Compliance & Emerging Technologies


Joon Son, Co-Chair

Dr. Javier Torner, Co-Chair

Grace King, Director, Office of the Registrar

Dorit Ilani, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Laura Carrizales, Administrative Analyst Specialist

Cesar Portillo, AVP Human Resources

Grace Castillo Johnson, Student Health Center

Jody Van Leuven, Risk Management

Michael Zachary, Campus Auditor

Melissa Patton, ASI Representative

Quin Kochman, ASI Representative

Dora Baldwin, Student



  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Identity Management Systems
  • Technology Accessibility
  • Emerging Technologies Research & Development
  • Single Sign On and Portal Development and Enhancements
  • Security and Compliance Audits
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Information Technology Policies and Procedures

Technology Operations & Customer Support


Dr. Mike Chao, Department of Biology (Co-Chair)

Gerard Au, Information Technology Services (Co-Chair)

Melissa Patton, ASI Representative

Dayna Brown, Division of Administration and Finance

Randy Hanlin, Office of Housing and Residential Education

Bill Herbert, Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

Rose Wilson, College of Extended Learning

Ching-Yi Wang, College of Natural Sciences

ITS Support Staff (Ex-officio):

Ben Derry, ITS-Enterprise and Cloud Services

Gerardo Garcia-Sotelo, ITS-Enterprise and Cloud Services

David Hatch, ITS-Telecommunication and Network Services

David Nimri, ITS-Distributed Technology Services

Jim O’Linger, ITS-Technology Support Center


  • Best of Class Customer Support
  • Infrastructure
  • Centralization and Standardization
  • End User Empowerment
  • Operational Sustainability and Excellence
  • PDC Technology Enhancements and Support
  • High Performance Computing
  • Research Networks
  • Enterprise Applications Development