Project Management & Assessment

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Office: PL-2106 (Pfau Library Addition)

Felix Zuniga, MBA
Director of Project Management and Assessment

Janette Flores
Admin Support Coordinator

Summer 2017 Projects


  • Completion of PL013 active learning space furniture upgrade (end of June)
  • Media storage and management platform implementation (ready for Fall quarter)An online/hybrid institute with TRC which is a pilot for the e-academy
  • An ATI resources page that organizes the considerable resources we have amassed
  • A campus AL$ page
  • The Introduction to Blackboard module


  • Library Public computer image
  • Library staff computer patch management
  • SB365 Upgrade
  • SBS -> CSUSB migration
  • CSBS - Migration from SBS to CSUSB domain of staff computers
  • Visual Arts - Art department - Image 3 labs
  • Adobe - Work on adding accounts and software for the CAL
  • ITSM -Identify single 'ticketing' solution for campus use starting with ITS


  • Further development of the DEV VMware rack adding systems to clusters and establishing storage common to the VMware vSphere infrastructure.
  • Establishing best practices and comparing of services of cloud providers focusing on MS Azure and AWS cloud solutions.
  • Development of VMware VMs on an as requested basis.
  • Renewal of the VDI- SSL certificate.
  • Compellent update and Patches, requires the system downtime, we are planning to perform this task during the week of June 18.
  • POC for Phoenixnap and Dataoffsync cloud solutions.
  • POC for Cloudlanes.
  • Working with the April Wing, our Emergency Manager, on coordinating Campus Commercial Radios and getting them programmed.


  • Science DMZ
  • Blackboard Dishonesty
  • Deferred maintenance 
  • Niagara 
  • Incident Handling 
  • PS Delegate Student Liaison Accounts
  • Delegate CIA Request Process
  • CSU HIPAA Assessment 
  • Incident Response Standard 
  • Sensitive Data Inventory 
  • Plan for Oct. Cybersecurity Awareness Month 
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Password and activation reset in Role lookup
  • SSO fraud
  • PeopleSoft Feed with timestamped Data 
  • Activation and error report in graphic 
  • AWSPDC Guest Account
  • AD-SSO Group Sync
  • Sync Bot (python-iam)  
  • Shibboleth v3


  • Refresh of PL-1109 lab (depends on funding sources – VETI, incremental replacements, etc.)
  • Prepping for 24/7 Study Area in Fall (new vending machines, finalizing security guard options, cameras, etc.)
  • TSC Staff Training (Windows 10, ITIL Foundation training, A+ certification possibly)
  • ECS Staff Training (Cloud-based solutions, SQL training, etc.)
  • Facilities’ WebTMA implementation
  • Other upgrades/tasks