Software Spotlight Office 365 Free to Students

Posted by: Kelli Cluque
May 14, 2019
Office 365

Dear valued Faculty and Staff:  Did you know that the 365 Office software is available for free to all students? All of the same benefits that you are enjoying, now your students can too. You know how students can stress out, facing anxiety because the first question that comes to mind is, where do I start?

Here is an opportunity for you to share this valuable information. This can support students with the development of their presentations and projects. Now that you know, please tell students to explore and utilize all of these free Office 365 software features including:

·         Microsoft Word
·         Microsoft PowerPoint
·         Microsoft OneNote
·         Microsoft Excel
·         Microsoft OneDrive

So, what else do your students need to know?

They are not expected to do this alone because a support team is available at the Technology Support Center (TSC), located in the Pfau Library. That is the addition first floor (PL-1108), where they get their Coyote OneCards.

Steer your students to the one-stop shop, where friendly staff are ready and willing to assist students with their new, free, Office 365 download. Lab is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Give your students a better chance of getting their assignments done in a timely manner and put them on a path to academic success.