Employee Spotlight James Trotter

Posted by: Kelli Cluque
May 01, 2019

James Trotter is the Assistant Director of the Academic Technology and Innovations (ATI) Division in the lower level of the Pfau Library. The ATI Department is a division of CSUSB Information Technology Services. In his ATI role, James has dedicated his expertise, mentorship and passion for technology to his department for over eleven years.
Mr. Trotter constantly searches for new opportunities to elevate the department’s technological contributions to the campus. As an Assistant Director, James invests his time into ensuring that his students and employees are equipped with the right information, technology, and equipment to perform successfully in their positions for ATI and the campus.
“ITS affects everyone through technology. With ATI specifically, we have instructional designers who impact student success. We provide accessibility and tools for any students regardless of any disability they may have.”
With his background in radio, TV and film, Trotter proudly states, “Go Beach” as he received his BA degree from California State University, Long Beach. James Trotter has applied his knowledge to the fullest as he mentored over 40 student assistants, some of which he still keeps in contact with and explains they are doing extremely well in the field.
While he positively leads his department towards ongoing success, Trotter is more than just a leader. A fun fact about James, he is an experienced scuba diver and has even worked as a presentation diver for the Aquarium of the Pacific for seven years. Trotter’s sense of adventure and passion for technology labels him not only as a valuable leader, but a genuine individual that brings life to the CSUSB community.
“CSUSB means opportunity to me. It’s not just an opportunity for me but for everyone, as they all have the ability to do something greater than they originally expected to do in their lives.”