IT Governance April 2019

Posted by: Annissa Fitch
April 26, 2019

Watching Molecules Dance- Presentation by Dr. Kimberley Cousins

 Dr. Kimberley Cousins, VETI Awardee, provided a presentation to the Executive Committee showcasing their VETI project. The project goals were shared as follows--

  • Replace aging FTIR spectrometer with modern instrument with ATR accessory
  • Use instrument in seven different classes
  • Assess student attitudes toward new instrumentation
  • Assess student competency using FTIR instrumentation and spectral interpretation
  • Publicize SSI funding source

Dr. Cousins provided the assessment plan for the project as follows—

  • Track users/spectra: hundreds fall/winter 18-19 
  • Student satisfaction on spring 19 lab final question
  • Spectral mastery on spring quarter lab finals and spectral problem sets
  • Look for mention of instrument on upcoming senior/exit surveys

Budget data, acknowledgements and marketing efforts were shared about this project.

Campus Email Structure and Communication Policy Review- Gerard Au

Gerard Au presented proposed changes to the Campus Email Structure and Communication Policy for Executive Committee review. This policy was last presented to the Executive Committee in 2018. This latest draft proposed changing the list of allowed senders of student group emails as follows—

The President, Provost, Vice Presidents, the Office of Strategic Communications, the Office of Registrar, Office of Student Financial Services, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship, the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment, the Office of Graduate Studies, or their designees are authorized to send emails to selected groups of students.

The Executive Committee provided feedback and discussed items that should also be considered including adding other offices to this list, information about faculty using personal email addresses, security risks such as impersonation attacks and revising the language of the policy. Additionally, there was a suggestion to begin thinking about combining communication policies. The feedback will be incorporated as needed and will be taken to the subcommittees for another read and review.

The policy will be brought back to the Executive Committee next month.

ITS Survey Results- Sam Sudhakar

VP Sudhakar shared an overview of the ITS student, faculty and staff survey results. He shared that ITS places an emphasis on end user experience and that the campus community holds the scorecard on the success of technology assisted projects across the University. Additionally, he shared the tools for assessment that ITS has utilized. Questions arose from the Executive Committee about how ITS would move forward with these results. VP Sudhakar shared that the ITS Leadership Team is working on a timeline for addressing tactical items from the survey. Strategic items will be incorporated into the ITS Strategic Priorities & Next ITS Strategic Planning Process.