IT Governance February 2019

Posted by: Robert Klimper
February 27, 2019

Q2S Technical Update- Grace King, Technical Director/Project Manager, Q2S & Lenora Rodgers, Director, Administrative Computing and Business Intelligence

Presentation to the Executive Committee to provide technical updates on the Q2S Conversion. Grace King covered the Q2S overview including information about the curriculum, advising and information about the technical aspects as follows—

  • Projects to Support Q2S
  • CSUSB vs. Other Q2S CSU Campuses
  • Timeline
  • Escalation Plan
  • Code Freeze Recommendation

Lenora Rodgers provided information about all the projects in progress to support the Q2S Conversion and information about the CSU and Baseline Modifications. The technical conversion timeline for PeopleSoft and uAchieve (PAWS and myCAP ), the escalation process and information about the Code Freeze Recommendation were also covered during the presentation. The next steps for the Q2S Technical Conversion were shared as follows—

  • Approval of the Curriculum
  • Technical Decisions
  • System Integration Testing in PeopleSoft CS
  • Encoding of PAWS
  • uAchieve Enhancements for Q2S
  • Exceptions from the Audit (EFA)
  • Course Conversion Guide
  • Advising Semester Students

More information about the Q2S Conversion can be found at

Terms of Use for Faculty Web Pages (Second Read)- Seval Yildirim  Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs and Development 

The Executive Committee reviewed the second draft of the proposed Terms of Use for Faculty Web Pages. Seval Yildirim facilitated the discussion and shared the draft document. She stated that it had been shared with our legal counsel, Robin Webb for review. Yildirim asked for feedback on the revised language and on the usage of the University logo.  The Executive Committee provided feedback and discussed different ways the University logo and marks could and have been used. Yildirim will take back the feedback provided and will draft and incorporate language relating to the usage of the University Logo. The draft will be brought back to the next IT Governance Executive Committee meeting for further discussion.

Impersonation Attacks- Javier Torner, Director, Information Security and Emerging Technologies 

Verbiage for the email to campus on impersonation attacks was distributed to the Executive Committee.