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Posted by: Robert Klimper
February 26, 2019 logo

Did you know that CSUSB offers faculty and staff access to LinkedIn’s learning site allows you to have access to thousands of videos to help develop your skills in the professional environment. has been offered at CSUSB for 2 years, and it allows you to be able to extend your knowledge on certain topics or even act as a refresher if it has been a while since you used InDesign or you just want to learn a few tricks of the trade that you didn’t learn the first time you studied the subject.

Thanks to CSUSB, you have access to's huge library of video tutorials that you can view on anything that can be connected to the internet, that means your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer at any time of the day.

Through, you can work at your own pace and expand your skills,  in topics such as Business, Design, IT, Marketing, Audio+Music and several other subjects. With videos ranging from learning about how to be a project manager to how to have better success when promoting your YouTube channel.

Whether you want to expand your skillset or just become more skilled in what you already know, let be your free guide thanks to CSUSB. If you want to start using click the link on this page.