IT Governance January 2019

Posted by: Robert Klimper
January 29, 2019

Export Controls Regulation Discussion—

Javier Torner and Dorota Huizinga facilitated a discussion around Export Controls Regulation. To adhere to federal export control regulations CSUSB requires its faculty, staff, and students to comply with the export control regulations of the U.S. The Executive Committee. Briefly reviewed the CSU Export Controls manual, talked about the current restriction countries, and proposed various avenues to disseminate the information to the greater campus community. More information can be found at

ITS Strategic Plan Implementation Plan Updates—

VP Samuel Sudhakar provided the mid-year progress report for the ITS Strategic Plan Implementation Plan Year 3 to the Executive Committee. There was a brief overview of the document along with a brief discussion.

IT Governance Executive Committee Charge and Membership—

VP Sudhakar presented the current charge and membership document for the IT Governance Executive Committee. The Executive Committee was asked to review and provide feedback on any necessary changes. The document will be revised to reflect positions and roles rather than the individuals serving as members of the Executive Committee.