Employee Spotlight - Danny Vasquez

Posted by: Robert Klimper
November 28, 2018
Danny Vasquez

Danny Vasquez works as an ITC for the Technology Support Center, in the Library Wedge here Cal State University, San Bernardino where he started here as a freshman in 2012.

Within the Technology Support Center, Vasquez is in charge of offering world class customer support for the campus community, be that for the faculty, staff or the students.

Vasquez and his team work closely together with each other and other departments on the campus to make sure that students, staff and faculty are able to get help and complete what they need to get done in as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“As technology is growing it starts to get busier..., so there is tons of support needed,”said Vasquez.

Outside of his work for the Technology Support Center, Vasquez has a love for DJing, where he can express his love for music. He has DJ’ed on campus and for a couple of parties for his family.

The style of song that he likes to use for his DJing is music like old school hip-hop, with his personal favorite music being country.

This love of DJing started when Vasquez was a senior in high school, where he and his baseball team would get together and just mess around with music.

Vasquez is an alumni of CSUSB and for him this campus means opportunity.

“To me it means opportunity, just being able to grow as an individual whether it be academically or professionally,” says Vasquez. “Just the opportunity and the growth of the individual is what I believe CSUSB means.”