IT Governance November 2018

Posted by: Robert Klimper
November 28, 2018

The CSU Data Lake Presentation - Brendan Aldrich, Chief Data Officer, CSU Chancellor’s Office- 

Aldrich provided a brief introduction and background on his career and led into a discussion on big data and systemic barriers for education. He shared information on the limitations of traditional data and shared how the CSU Data Lake creates a historically stable daily copy of all tables utilized for analytics with the ability to add 365 days worth of history for any tables not already included. He stated the ways in which the Data Lake is better than a traditional data warehouse:

  • creates historical stability in systems that don’t natively do this
  • collecting all data means we can now answer questions that haven’t yet been asked
  • data is quickly added to Data Lake and adding a year’s worth of tables can be done in hours

Additionally, he shared a road map as to how the CO will work with campuses for training and to build a campus Data Lake that will be able to bring in years of historically stable data. The Executive Committee provided feedback and discussion about the presentation.

Proofpoint URL Defense Discussion-

VP Samuel Sudhakar shared that July’s phishing attacks resulted in ITS enabling URL defense, which prevents individuals from entering their credentials into fake websites. A concern was brought forth from Forum about why this was done. Gerard Au stated that the TOCS subcommittee recommended continuing with this.

The Executive Committee unanimously approved the recommendation to keep URL defense enabled.