News - Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Posted by: Robert Klimper
November 14, 2018
Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite has begun to be offered to the students of CSUSB, allowing students to be able to have full access to all Adobe products alongside the programs already offered by ITS.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite arrived on campus in the summer this year, thanks to work by all 23 of the CSU Campuses it is possible for student at CSUSB, as well as other CSU Campuses, to gain the ability to use the full set of programs offered by Adobe for only $20 dollars a year instead of the normal price of $20 dollars a month.

Chris Bradney, the Assistant Director for the ITS Technology Support Center, discussed the work and how ITS wanted to get the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite out and available to students alongside the other programs available to students, like Office 365 and the antivirus ESET.

“We know that coming to a new university and starting school can be a stressful time so we want to make sure that getting that software out to them is something that they can just take off their plate,” said Bradney on the topic of informing students to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and other programs that ITS offers to the students of CSUSB.

Bradney mentioned that the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, is popular among people in the graphic design and communication areas, yet it is available to all students who have an interest or a want to experiment with the several different services that Adobe Creative Cloud Suite offers.

For more information on how to sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, you can go to this link and follow the instructions to begin using the several different Adobe programs today.