ITGEC Meeting - March 2018

Posted by: Stacey Sanchez
March 26, 2018

Personalized Teaching in a Chemistry Course Using Adaptive Learning:

Presentation by Dr. Larry Mink and Dr. Andreas Beyersdorf discussing the utilization of Adaptive Learning Techniques. They shared information about the objectives, implementation, assessment and future of their developed content for their Chemistry course. They shared information about their beta testing along with a short demo of the Smart Sparrow program, the platform used for the course.

Information Security Items:

Dr. Javier Torner shared the results from the Winter Phishing Exercise that took place in January. The data was presented to the Executive Committee. 89 users clicked the link and 135 opened the email only. Currently, the biggest vulnerability comes with mobile users, as 16 of those who clicked the link had out of date plug ins on their devices. There was discussion and feedback from Executive Committee but the overall conclusion is that as a campus we are improving.

Dr. Javier Torner also provided a brief overview of the Fresno State Incident discovered on January 12th where an external hard drive containing data about 15,000 individuals was stolen. Dr. Torner shared details about the impact of the incident and shared recommendations on how campus managers can prevent incidents such as these.