Employee Spotlight - Sonia Miranda

Posted by: Stacey Sanchez
March 26, 2018

Sonia Miranda works as an Administrative Support Coordinator for the ITS Department here at California State University, San Bernardino, where she’s worked for the last 12 years in providing technological support for campus staff and personnel.


More specifically, Miranda is tasked with providing administrative support to the department of Telecommunications and Network Services, Enterprise and Cloud Services, and to the Office of the Vice President. She also serves as an assistant to the Associate Vice President of Technology Operations and Customer Support.


Miranda concedes that, what she’s most proud of in her line of field is being able to help promote student success.


“I am most proud of my involvement in improving processes for the division and supporting our staff to promote student success,” Miranda said.


Miranda acknowledges that the TNS and ECS departments at California State University, San Bernardino, are at the heart of what goes on at the university when it comes to what the technological infrastructure and operations look like.


Being able to work for such an integral part of a state university like CSUSB, has helped her further appreciate what it took for her to get here.


“I love traveling to El Salvador, traveling to my homeland brings me back to my roots,” Miranda said. “I find value in understanding where my family originated, it humbles me to visit this place and helps me appreciate where I am today.”


When she’s not traveling back to her homeland, or working in the office, she enjoys reading up on history and spending time with her boys.


An alumni of CSUSB herself, Miranda agrees, and appreciates, everything that the university has been able to provide for her.


“To me, CSUSB represents a place of growth and opportunity. I am grateful to this campus as it has provided me with an education and a career,” Miranda said. “I am grateful for all the wonderful people I would have otherwise not encountered.”