Department Spotlight - ITS Training

Posted by: Stacey Sanchez
March 26, 2018

The ITS Training Department plays an integral role behind the scenes in making sure that day-to-day operations run smoothly at California State University, San Bernardino.


The department works to assist faculty and staff with getting acquainted with things like a procurement card, understanding how to gain access to their email, or simply to inform them of the available technological resources at their disposal.


Administrative Analyst and adjunct faculty professor Doris Selva, who works for the ITS Department, conceded that the department also collaborates with the Information Security Office, where they work to ensure “that employees have met the training requirements to gain access to the different modules or databases that are supported under IT,” Selva said. “We are one of the leaders in providing the information security training that is required by all employees for the protection of information.”


When the ITS Department isn’t working to assist faculty and staff get acclaimed with CSUSB’s campus services, they are helping students settle into new work study positions.


“In order for a staff member to hire a work study student, they must go through training, and also, the student who is being hired under the work study grant, they are required to follow the protocol and go through an on-demand training,” Selva said.


Likewise, the department offers a variety of training services that teaches employed students the basics of accessing data as it relates to their on-campus employment, securing data on the job, or learning how to react in situations involving violence, a training course provided by the San Bernardino Police Department


Recently, the department launched the Accessibility Initiative program, a program that intends to raise awareness of the fluidity that permeates among popular services today. They hope to educate and promote its importance to others who follow the initiative.


Students, staff and faculty can contact the ITS Training Department at, 24/7 via phone (909) 537-7425, or via walk-in in PL-1104.