ITGEC Meeting - January

Posted by: Stacey Sanchez
January 29, 2018

New MyCoyote/Mobile App Demo - ITS showcased a preview of the new upcoming MyCoyote portal. Anthony De La Loza stated that the ITS Strategic Priorities call for a Mobile First Strategy. He shared the old and new versions of the portal and shared information regarding the approach towards the strategy. Additionally, he demonstrated to the Executive Committee a few screenshots with the new tile layout using Modolabs and the view with Greyheller which are a lot more mobile friendly than our current portal. Anthony shared a brief demo and the next step emphasizing that the enhancements will be coming in phases. David Vasilia also shared with the Executive Committee the Chat BOT application that will be integrated with the portal.


Fall Phishing Exercise Report - Director Javier Torner provided an overview of the results from the fall phishing exercise. 2203 faculty and staff were sent the phishing exercises. There were 49 reports to, 86 users clicked the link, 353 opened the email only. The report was distributed to the Executive Committee. Overall awareness seems to be improving as the reporting of suspicious emails has increased since last year. There will be another phishing exercise taking place in January 2018.


CMS Data Center Transformation - VP Sudhakar announced that the Utah CMS Data Center will be moving to Silicon Valley, providing campuses with the needed bandwidth that has been lacking. PeopleSoft will be unavailable from Midnight on February 2nd, 2018 through Noon on February 4th, 2018. Notices are already posted on the MyCoyote portal.