Employee Spotlight - Muriel Vita

Posted by: Stacey Sanchez
November 30, 2017

Muriel Vita is a Finance Project Manager and Student Finance Lead here at California State University, San Bernardino. In this role, Vita provides support for the Common Financial System (CFS) however more specifically, the finance, administrational, and student financial systems of the Campus Solution application.


Vita acknowledges that some of the most rewarding work that she’s enjoyed with the university has coincided with converting the anterior legacy systems that powered CSUSB communications in the past, to the now current PeopleSoft systems, and the converging upgrades that have come along with it. It is through this work that she has received a great sense of appreciation. “It has always been a pleasure to assist and train our staff with all the new PeopleSoft functionalities in order to improve efficiency and maintain the integrity of the campus financial and student financial data,” Vita said.


Indeed, Vita acknowledges that the level of importance that her team represents for the university is critical. “As part of the ITS Division, the ACBI department is very critical to the campus because part of its responsibility is to enhance the use of technologies in training, learning, accessibility, communications, and administration in the support of all system applications,” Vita said.


Vita’s hobbies coincide with a large range of networked hobbies and interests that have truly given her an opportunity to commemorate in some of the more prominent things in life. Some of these hobbies which include traveling the world to distant holy places, playing the piano, or eating a variety of spicy foods, of which she concedes even includes others in different countries. “I do love spicy food,” Vita said.


Having attended UCLA for her first and second year, and eventually graduating from Cal State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, it is true that Vita has called many places home throughout her lifetime. It is none other than Cal State, San Bernardino, however, where she has found a community of which she has grown to love, in a timeless 19 years of service which has provided for her a foundational second home, of which she agrees. “I have been blessed to find good lasting friends here,” Vita said. “[I am also blessed] more than others to have such supporting bosses in my 19 years working for this university.”