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Day Two

Day 2 - Innovate


We innovate by harnessing interdisciplinary ideation, leading-edge technologies, equity principles, design logic, data analysis, entrepreneurial spirit, and a tinkerer mentality to nurture the joy of learning, discovery, and public service.

October 20, 2022 | 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.






9:00 AM         

October Tech program overview for the day                  James Trotter, Assistant Director - Academic Technologies & Innovation Virtual

9:05 AM                                       

Open Virtual Forum: Innovate

Pamela Moses, Organizational Change Facilitator - Institutional Research & Analytics

Chris Bradney, Director - Strategic Technology Initiatives


9:35 AM                                                     


9:40 AM                                                                                           

3D Printing Kevin Cleppe, Assistive Technologist - Academic Technologies & Innovation

Nate Dabbs, Instructional Support Technician II, Department of Art

9:55 AM                                                                                                            


10:00 AM

Digital Literacy, Faculty Panel Discussion

Mihaela Popescu, Faculty Director - xREAL Lab, and Professor - Communication Studies

Fadi Muheidat, Associate professor, California State University San Bernardino  

Thomas Corrigan (“T.C.”), Associate professor, California State University San Bernardino 

 J.C. Mariscal, xREAL Lab, Student Assistant, Department of Visual Arts California State University San Bernardino


11:00 AM

"Ask Cody" Chatbot

Samuel Jacuinde, Chatbot Communication Developer - Digital Transformation

Michael Casadonte, Director - Digital Transformation


12:00 PM                 

xREAL Lab AR Cody Demonstration / MoCap       

JC Mariscal, Student Assistant - Academic Technologies & Innovation

Francisco Casillas, Student Assistant - Academic Technologies & Innovation

Esperanza Martinez, Student Assistant - Academic Technologies & Innovation

San Bernardino: In-person

PDC: Zoom

12:00 PM Download Party / Laptop Assistance   PDC: In-Person RG building lobby

1:00 PM

META Verse 

Mihaela Popescu, Faculty Director - xREAL Lab, and Professor - Communication Studies 

Kate Miffitt, Director for Innovation at California State University Office of the Chancellor

Sean Hauze, Director of Instructional Technology Services at San Diego State University 

Rob Ray, Associate Professor of Design at California State University, San Bernardino

Shane Burrell, Ph.D. University of Oregon


2:00 PM

MoCap Recording Faculty Focused Mihaela Popescu, Faculty Director - xREAL Lab, and Professor - Communication Studies

Yutong Liu, Instructional Technologist - Academic Technologies & Innovation 

Kristi Papailler, Assistant Professor - Theatre Arts

Nicole Dabbs, Department Chair - Kinesiology

3:00 PM Raffle    
3:05 PM Launching CSUSB Research, Internship, and Career Choice Program in Partnership with California’s Aerospace Industry Alliance

Dr. Khalil Dajani,
Director/Chair and Professor
School of Computer Science & Engineering
California  State University, San Bernardino

4:00 PM End