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The diversity in participants’ lived experiences as it is explored and exposed through In|Dignity is truly staggering. At the same time, there are clear commonalities across the narratives that deserve our attention.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, Annika Anderson (Assistant Professor in Sociology) and Kelly Campbell (Associate Professor in Psychology) developed “concept cards” to help In|Dignity visitors expand their understanding of common buzzwords and academic concepts related to diversity.

Each concept card represents an opportunity to learn the meaning or background of a word, see connections between the experiences of individuals who might seem quite different from one another, and hear stories in participants’ own words.

Concept cards incorporate words, images, and audio. They are appropriate for incorporation into 6th-12th grade fieldtrips to the Anthropology Museum, as well as post-secondary curricula. Concept cards can also be used remotely as well (please contact the Anthropology Museum for details).

Concept Cards are currently available on the following topics:

-          Criminal Justice

-          Discrimination

-          Identity

-          Immigration

-          Intersectionality

-          Microaggression

-          Stereotypes

-          #MeToo