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CHRS Recruiting, Built in Page Up

A powerful, new recruiting tool is now available for our campus. CSU Recruit, a part of the CHRS project, helps our University to attract, hire and onboard talented faculty, staff and student workers in a more effective way.

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This Recruiting Software was chosen to:

  • Provide a paperless, end-to-end recruiting process from initial request for hire to the manage hire process

  • Provide standardized recruiting processes and practices where possible

  • Allow flexible campus options to support campus-specific business needs and campus brands

  • Support recruiting for staff, faculty and student positions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

Faculty, staff, and management recruitments are moving to CSU Recruit as a part of the CHRS Recruiting implementation at CSUSB powered by PageUp. 

How will I be impacted?

The impact to employees will vary depending on their role. The employees below are those most impacted as the processes for these aspects of recruiting will change:

  • Employees who initiate recruitments for faculty, staff, or management positions
  • Hiring managers
  • Administrative Support
  • Search committee members and chairs
  • Recruiters
  • Current employees who apply for jobs

Why are we changing?

The CSU has directed all campuses to move to the new recruiting system in order to streamline processes across the system. This will also help us streamline processes on campus and make them more consistent. In addition, CSU Recruit provides us many new features to help us fill open positions faster than ever.

What are the benefits of the new system?

Here are just a few of the benefits of the new system:

  • Mobile application capability
  • Online screening of candidates
  • Online offer process - candidate can accept or decline online
  • Custom portals for recruiting and onboarding
  • More automated communication to the candidate, the recruiter, and search committee
  • Ability to set up interviews online that will show on the candidate‚Äôs recruiting portal
  • Increased recruitment transparency for hiring managers and departments

Will there be training?

Yes. After an initial focus on those involved in active and incoming recruitments, ongoing training will occur regularly for all roles after the system is live.