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HR Refresh FAQs


Who is my Payroll Technician?

Payroll Services is minimally impacted by this change. However, due to vacancies, your designated Payroll Technician may have changed. For the most up-to-date information, contact the Payroll Services department directly and/or view the Payroll Services website (link is available from the HR website at

I am resigning from CSUSB, who do I contact to separate from the University?

There are several steps to take when resigning from the University. Much of the steps to take can be found on the HR website in the “Separation” Tab located at separation-process. However, if you’d like to speak to an HR Representative, please contact a member of our Talent Acquisition Team. Their contact information is listed in this document, as well as the HR website.

What is the effective date of HR’s transition from an HR generalist model to an HR specialist model?

The changes will be effective February 2020. However, due to position vacancies, some of our HR team members may be supporting more than one area in the interim.

Who do I call to view my official HR/Personnel file?

Please call the HR office at (909) 537-5138 to request an appointment.

Where can I get more information about these changes?

Members of the HR Team are holding informational sessions with divisions, colleges, and the campus community from late January through early March. Communications will be shared via email and our HR website. If you are unable to attend the sessions, miss the emails, or can’t access the HR website, please contact the main HR phone line at (909) 537-5138 or visit the main HR office in SH-110.

I have an HR question but don’t know who to contact. What should I do?

Call the main HR phone line at (909) 537-5138 or visit the main HR Office in SH-110. We are also building an “HR Refresh” tab on the main HR website which will contain organizational charts, contact information, presentation about the change, and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document.

Where is HR located?

Members of the HR Team can be found in two buildings, Sierra Hall and the Pfau Library (“Wedge”). Located in Sierra Hall is Benefits, Classification & Compensation Services, Customer & Operational Support, DHR & Compliance, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee & Labor Relations, Payroll Services, Student Employment, and Talent Acquisition. The Staff Development Center is located in PL-1104, first floor of the Pfau Libray (Wedge).

Who is my HR Manager?

With the move away from the HR Generalist to the HR Specialist model, there is no longer a designated HR Manager for each area. Please review the information in this document as well as the HR website for a list of HR personnel contact information.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my recruitment?

Contact a member of the Talent Acquisition team by calling (909) 537-5138 or stop by Sierra Hall, Room 110.

Can I still contact my previous HR Manager with my recruitment questions?

Please contact Talent Acquisition regarding your recruitment questions since we no longer have an HR Manager assigned to departments, colleges, and divisions.

Where do I go for questions about specific areas of Human Resources (e.g. Benefits, Classification & Compensation Services, Employee & Labor Relations, and Talent Acquisition)?

In this document, we’ve anticipated the most commonly asked questions. Please review the specific HR discipline and if your question is still not answered, contact that specific function or our main HR phone line at (909) 537-5138 or visit the main HR office in SH-110. Information is also available on the HR website

Where do I get information on In-Range Progressions, Reclassification, and/or Stipends?

The information can be found in both your collective bargaining agreement accessible through the HR website and your respective union website. Please also review the information in this document, specifically the Classification and Compensation Services section.


Where is the Benefits office located?

Across the hall from the main Human Resources Department in Sierra Hall – Room 113

How can I contact the Benefits office?

By phone, (909) 537–5143 or ext. 75143. By email: For fee waivers, email

What can Benefits assist with?

1) General benefit questions regarding eligibility, enrollment and changes, 2) Fee waiver questions, 3) Retirement questions and consultations, and 4) Leaves information and consultations.

When can I change my health or dental plan?

Once a year, during Open Enrollment (usually in September/October), employees can change, enroll or cancel their health or dental plans and many other voluntary benefits.

When will Open Enrollment changes begin?

All changes made during Open Enrollment will begin on January 1st. Emails are sent to Colleagues listserv from CSUSB Benefits – Human Resources with important information about new health plan rates and plan changes. Deductions will be withheld from the December pay period check.

Can I change my doctor or dental office any time?

Yes. Call your HMO plan directly at the number on your card (health plan or DeltaCare USA dental plan). If you call before the 15th of each month, the change can be effective the first (1st) of the next month.

If I enroll myself in the VSP Premier upgraded plan, do I need to enroll my dependents too?

Yes. If you only enroll yourself, your dependents will not be covered in either the Basic or Premier Vision plan.

When can I enroll in the VSP Premier upgraded plan?

Within the first 60 days of your hire date or during Open Enrollment you must contact VSP directly to enroll, cancel or add/remove dependents.

Can I use the CSU Fee Waiver to attend any college/university?

No. The CSU Fee Waiver can only be applied to a California State University campus.

Classification & Compensation Services

What services does Classification and Compensation provide?

Classification & Compensation Services, with the guidance of the California State University (CSU)Chancellor's Office, works in partnership with the colleges and the administrative units to provide assistance in interpreting and applying fair and consistent evaluation of positions and equitable compensation. Application of processes is in accordance with collective bargaining agreements, applicable laws, personnel policies, and procedures. Responsibilities include classification reviews, approval of position descriptions for job postings, conducting of equity analysis for determination of salary upon appointment to the University, conducting inrange progression reviews, equity reviews and other salary related alternatives. Also advises and consults with managers regarding position description development and updates, reorganizations, and compensation programs. Additionally, the Classification and Compensation Services manages the campus-wide Position Description Library for state employees.

How do I contact Classification and Compensation Services?

We are working on a dedicated email address and phone number. In the meantime, please contact the main HR line to be routed to the appropriate Class & Comp representative.

What are the major changes that are a result of the transition to the specialization model?

There are changes in the following categories:
a. NeoGov Approval Process/Procedures
b. Newly Revised Position Description Template
c. Movement of some transactions into Cherwell System
d. Anticipated requisition turnaround timelines
e. For more detailed information, please visit the Classification and Compensation Services webpage.

Who do I contact to acquire NeoGov access and/or want to ask general NeoGov questions?

Classification and Compensation Services will administer the NeoGov Program. For more information, please visit the Classification and Compensation Services webpage.

Customer & Operational Support

What is Customer and Operational Support?

Individuals in this group report directly into the AVP’s office. Responsibilities include HR Program and Special Events support, public records request assistance, background check coordination, and general customer service, HR administrative and clerical support.

Who do I call to view my official HR/Personnel file?

Please call the HR office at (909) 537-5138 to request an appointment.

I’d like to make an appointment to meet with AVP of Human Resources. Who do I call?

Please call the HR office at (909) 537-5138 to request an appointment.

DHR & Compliance

Who is the DHR and Compliance Manager?

This position is currently vacant. If you have questions regarding our discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, please call the HR Office at (909) 537-5138.

I want to read more about DHR, Executive Orders, and Whistleblower on my own. Where can I find the information?

A good place to start is our HR website (

Diversity & Inclusion

Who is the Diversity and Inclusion Manager?

Denise Banuelos is the Diversity & Inclusion Manager. If you have questions regarding the Diversity Strategic Plan, our Affirmative Action Plan, or Search Committee Training, please call the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 909-537-4456.

I want to volunteer for 50/50 Day and the Women’s Leadership Conference. Who do I contact?

Please call the HR office at (909) 537-5138 for 50/50 Day. To volunteer for the Women’s Leadership Conference, please call Student Affairs, Vice President’s Office at (909)537-5185

Employee & Labor Relations

Where can I find my collective bargaining agreement?

There is a link on the HR website under Current Employees, then Employee Relations.

What is Employee Relations? What do you do?

Employee & Labor Relations provides resources for all employees concerning work-related issues. We provide consultation for managers initiating corrective and/or disciplinary processes. We ensure compliance with university policies and procedures. Additionally, we provide resources and information for employees that promote a better understanding of university and/or departmental goals and policies, along with information that can support employees addressing personal challenges that could affect them in the workplace.

What is a collective bargaining agreement (CBA)?

Collective Bargaining Agreements is a written legally binding contract between an employer and a union representing the employees. The CBA is the result of an extensive negotiation process between the parties regarding topics such as wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment.

What collective bargaining agreement unit do I belong to?

It is dependent upon your classification. The best place to start is information on the Staff Development Center website, then resources, If you are a newly hired employee, this information should be listed on your appointment letter.

Who should I talk to if I want to discuss corrective action for my employee?

Contact Employee and Labor Relations by calling (909) 537-5138.


Will the HR department reorganization have an impact on the timeline and/or deadline for departments to submit pertinent documents to Payroll?

The HR reorganization will have minimal impact on Payroll as the department has already followed the Specialist Model. All deadlines will continue to be posted on the Payroll calendars provided on our website.

Where should employees submit Employee Action Request Forms and Direct Deposit Forms? Do these forms get submitted to Payroll directly?

As part of the HR reorganization, there will no longer be a monitored Payroll window. All forms are to be dropped off at the HR front desk located at SH-110. If you would like to speak to a Payroll staff member, the Payroll office will be contacted and a representative will meet you in SH-110.

What would be the specific transactions that My Payroll Technician will be responsible for after the reorganization? Are there any tasks that I would have to coordinate with the other HR Departments instead?

All current transactional processing completed in Payroll will continue to be processed in Payroll. You will continue to contact Payroll Services for all questions for all of your payroll, personnel and leave balances.

In case of an employee separating, who would be my first point of contact from Human Resources?

If you are planning to separate, please contact HR at (909) 537-5138, visit HR in SH-110 or email HR at

Staff Development Center

Will the HR department reorganization have an impact on the services offered through the Staff Development Center (SDC)?

The SDC has been operating in a specialist model for professional development. There is no impact to the SDC as a result of the HR reorganization.

Student Employment

Will the HR department reorganization have an impact on the services offered through the Student Employment Office?

The Student Employment Office has been operating in a specialist model and will have minimal impact on employment for students. In the new structure, Student Employment will be working in the Talent Acquisition unit, this will allow for alignment and synergies in attracting talent to CSUSB.

Talent Acquisition

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent Acquisition at CSUSB is a team of HR professionals responsible for attracting and recruiting talent to CSUSB, both for our San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses.

Talent Acquisition at CSUSB is a team of HR professionals responsible for attracting and recruiting
talent to CSUSB, both for our San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses.

Please join the Talent Acquisition Team for an informational session overview Details are below:

Talent Acquisition Overview: In this session, our newly formed Talent Acquisition team will highlight processes and procedures relating to pre-recruitment, post-recruitment, and off-boarding. Staff and administrators involved in recruitment requisitions and search committees are highly encouraged to attend!

Talent Acquisition Overview       February 25       2:00pm – 3:00pm       CE-302
Talent Acquisition Overview       March 9             10:30am – 11:30am       SMSU Center

Registration: No need to register, walk-ins welcome. If you need an accommodation to attend a session,
please contact HR at least 72 hours in advance by calling (909) 537-5138 or email at