NeoGov Training Guides

SME Access and Interview Information

NeoGov is our new recruiting software used to track requisitions, post positions and review applications.

If you have already set up your password, you will not need to reset it.

If you do need to reset your password, please contact the human resources office. Then be sure to check your junk mail for an email directly from and reset your password within 24 hours.

The email will contain instructions similar to the following:

Passwords will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Length of 8 or more characters
  • Contain a number
  • Contain a special character, for example !,@,#,$,%,^,&,*
  • Contain an upper and lowercase letter

You will receive an email when applications are available to review under Committee Member Review (My SME Review).

Steps to Complete a Committee Member Review

1. If you’re not already viewing your dashboard page, click Dashboard from the upper left.

Step 1 Screenshot

2. From the My Tasks section, click the SME review pending your review.

Step 2 Screenshot

3. Click the name of the first candidate to be reviewed

Step 3 Screenshot

4. The application will display including contact information, work experience, education and other information. Click the Questions tab to review the candidate’s answers to agency-wide and job-specific supplemental questions.

5. Click Next to proceed to the next candidate pending your review.

Step 5 Screenshot

6. Repeat these rating steps until Next no longer displays. Click Cancel or click anywhere to the left of the last candidate’s application review page.

Step 6 Screenshot

7. Notice you have no unreviewed candidates and your SME review status is complete.

Step 7 Screenshot

8. For an update on your recruitment or applications sent for SME review, please contact the hiring manager directly.

Steps to Initiate the Interview Process

Once you have selected applicants for interview please send an email to our HR Assistant and the HR Hiring Manger assigned to your division at least two business days prior to the anticipated interview date.

Be sure to include the following information:

  1. Location:
  2. First Interview Start Time:
  3. How much time needed for each interview:
  4. How much time needed between each interview:
  5. Date:
  6. Search Committee names:
  7. Candidate name(s):
  8. Draft interview questions (attached for review).

Our HR Assistant will contact you as soon as the interview packet is ready for pick-up from the Human Resources Department at SH-110.

After interviews are complete please return the full interview packet along with a Hiring Recommendation (

) to the Human Resources Department. 

(Last Updated 8/6/18)