ADA Americans Disabilities Act

CSUSB provides reasonable accommodations for employees with sensory, mental or physical disabilities. A reasonable accommodation is an accommodation that enables the employee to perform the essential functions of their position, is medically necessary, and does not create an undue hardship.

Employees are not required to disclose to your immediate supervisor the medical basis for a requested accommodation. If additional information is needed to respond to your request, the University may request that you ask your health care provider to confirm your disability and/or the need for the requested accommodation.

If you are only requesting an ergonomic workstation evaluation, you do not need to complete the certification form. Please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (909) 537-5179 to learn more about ergonomic resources.

If you have questions regarding accommodation or to request accommodation related materials in an alternative format or to request an interpreter or other accommodation during the disability accommodation process, please contact the Rosalinda Velasco by phone at (909) 537-5138 or by email

Updated: 5/31/2019