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CSU Recruit is here!

To help us attract, hire and onboard talented faculty and staff more efficiently and effectively, our campus has implemented a new software solution called CSU Recruit, built in PageUp. It is the first piece of the Common Human Resources System (CHRS).


What does CSU Recruit do?

Recruitment | Onboarding | Analytics

  • Handles all categories of recruiting: all types of faculty, administrators, staff and student workers in a secure environment

  • Offers a paperless way to perform most functions within recruiting, from posting a job to onboarding new employees

  • Allows the University to configure many of our processes – on top of the system foundation common to all campuses

  • Automates workflow and integrates with the main PeopleSoft human resources system to streamline functions and increase recruitment efficiencies

  • Provides valuable analytics to help campuses make informed decisions

  • Matches University's branding for a seamless user experience for applicants


Benefits of CSU Recruit

  • Approvals can move faster without waiting for papers to be routed around, thanks to electronic workflow.

  • Manual workload can decrease since data will automatically upload from PeopleSoft, rather than doing double entry.

  • Applying for a job is easier and more attractive with features such as resume parsing and application via mobile devices.

  • Information can be captured and conveniently accessed now that all recruiting data can be tracked within the system, rather than using outside tools such as Excel.

  • Hiring effectiveness can be improved through easy-to-understand analytics regarding recruiting expenditures and candidate pipelines.

  • Onboarding new employees can be streamlined by using a centralized system including electronic checklists to track the onboarding process.

  • Security and data integrity can be improved because papers are not being routed. Employees are granted access based on the roles they perform.

  • Systemwide reporting can be easier and faster thanks to a common system.

About PageUp

CSU Recruit is built on a software platform called PageUp. This has allowed a common CSU-wide system foundation to be created, as well as permitting each campus to configure the software to best meet their needs and processes.

The PageUp Solution:

  • Has specialized in higher education recruiting for almost 20 years

  • Was unanimously selected after thorough RFP review

  • Met 223 out of 224 of CSU business requirement in the RFP

  • Scored 25% higher than competitors