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Spring Quarter 2020 Information

Housing Spring Quarter 2020 Information

Due to the rapidly changing circumstances and because the university is transitioning to alternative delivery of classes for the entire Spring Quarter, we strongly encourage residential students to consider moving out of on-campus housing if they are able in an effort to boost social distancing and reduce the density of our on-campus population. This is for our residents’ protection and for the safety of the entire residential community.  We recognize that some residents have no other residence available or may face travel restrictions. We will accommodate residents if these considerations apply.

We encourage all residents to regularly check their Coyote email and visit CSUSB's Coronavirus Information page for campus updates.  Information is being updated based on the rapidly changing circumstances.  This information is current as of 3:15 pm PST on April 3, 2020.

4/3/2020 - Spring Quarter Housing Announcements Email to Residents

3/19/2020 - Important Housing and Residential Education Updates Email to Residents

3/17/2020 - Updated Spring Quarter 2020 Housing Information Email to Residents

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing and Residential Education

Will on-campus housing remain available during the Spring Quarter?
Presently, on-campus student housing will remain open.  We know that some students do not have alternative options or may not be able to leave campus.

Am I required to remain in on-campus housing?
We are now strongly encouraging students, who are able, to checkout and leave campus housing and to participate in virtual classes from their permanent home residences.  Although there is no mandated deadline for move out, we encourage all residents, who are able, to consider checking out of on-campus housing by April 4, 2020.  This date coincides with the start of Spring Quarter 2020 virtual classes.  We will prorate housing and dining plans from the day of your actual checkout. 

If I want to leave housing now, what will I need to do?
If you want to leave housing now, you must cancel your housing contract via the online Housing Portal.  You will need to completely move out of your room/apartment assignment and return your keys to your Village Front Desk during front desk hours.  If you do not cancel your housing contract, you are technically still occupying your room/apartment and will incur daily rent charges.  Winter Quarter 2020 rent is charged through March 21, 2020.

Please make sure you verify in myCoyote that your contact information and mailing addresses are up to date.

Will I have to relocate to another space on campus?
We are in the process of relocating all our residents from Serrano Village and Coyote Village to our on-campus apartments.  Our traditional residence halls have common/shared restrooms and facilities; our goal is to relocate all traditional hall residents to on-campus apartments where they will have their own bedroom and bathroom.

Is there a cancellation fee?  What will I be charged for?
Due to the unique circumstances, we have adjusted our Cancellation Policy and residents will not be charged a cancellation fee and the 30-day notice period has been waived.  Residents will still be responsible for daily rent charges after March 21, 2020 until they move out and return keys to their Village Front Desk or when the 2019-2020 License Agreement ends.

Do I need to return my room/apartment key/key card?
In order for us to ensure you have moved out of your room/apartment, you need to return your keys (including your mailbox key, if applicable).  If you move out without turning in keys we will have no way to know when you left.  Please return your keys to your Village Front Desk during desk hours.  You will continue to be charged daily rent until either 1) your keys are returned in person or post-dated by mail at your own risk (please refer to the postal service for mailing recommendations and tracking; use of a secure envelope is recommended - standard letter envelopes will tear based on the weight of the keys), or 2) you email with confirmation of your completed move out date and acceptance of key replacement charges of $25 per key and/or key card.

Will my financial aid be impacted if I cancel my housing for the Spring Quarter?
Your financial aid may be impacted if you choose to change your living situation for the Spring Quarter. CSUSB is waiting on further guidance from the Department of Education regarding the implications of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 on financial aid. Please review the updates provided by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

If I cancel my housing, can I live on-campus again if in-person classes resume during the Spring Quarter?
There will be no in-person classes for Spring Quarter.  We will not be accepting Spring Quarter housing applications at this time.  Our main goal is to “depopulate” our residential community as much as possible to minimize possible exposure and the risk of spreading COVID-19.

If I remain in housing, but will be away from campus for an extended period of time, what do I need to do?
We strongly encourage you to consider leaving on-campus housing if you are able.  If staying in on-campus housing is your best option and you must leave for an extended period of time, please remove any trash, lock and secure windows, dispose of any perishable food items, unplug electronic items, turn off any lights, and lock your room/apartment door upon departure.  You should also take any valuable items, medications, and important documents with you while you are away.

Will facilities staff continue to be available to respond to maintenance requests and public area cleaning?
Yes.  Department of Housing and Residential Education (DHRE) maintenance and custodial staff will continue operating in our Villages and will continue to respond to maintenance requests.  Our custodial cleaning program uses an EPA-registered disinfectant to clean touchpoints, public and common area restrooms, community kitchens, and common areas.  We have also implemented extra measures to clean and disinfect surfaces in public areas that are touched frequently.

Will DHRE student leaders and live-in professional staff still live on campus to support residents?
Yes. DHRE staff, including Resident Assistants, Academic Mentors, Hall Coordinators, Faculty In Residence, and Area Coordinators for Residential Education will remain in residence and will continue to serve as resources and to provide support.

What does safety and security look like in the Villages during this time?
Security measures in our residential communities will continue to be operational, such as having residential staff on duty, secured building entrances, security cameras, etc. More specific details are available in the Resident Handbook. University Police services will continue on campus 7 days/week and 24 hours/day, including patrol of residential areas on campus. If a student encounters an emergency or needs immediate medical attention, please contact University Police at (909) 537-5165.

Will community spaces still be available in my Village?
During this time, we really encourage residents to limit their social footprint in the community.  Laundry facilities will continue to be available to residents during this time.  We ask residents to limit their access to residential community spaces, including study rooms, lounges, etc.  These community spaces are cleaned by our custodial staff, but we do ask residents to help keep these spaces clean and maintained as well.  We ask all residents to practice social distancing measures during this time. 

Will I still have access to campus offices and departments?
At the close of business on Friday, March 20, most campus offices and services will cease on-campus operations.  All departments utilizing temporary telecommuting will continue serving the campus community through virtual and online strategies.  Please visit specific department websites and social media for more information.  

Will the 2020-2021 On-Campus Housing Room Selection Process continue during this time?
Yes.  We will continue with our 2020-2021 on-campus housing room selection process; time slots will continue to be issued to students who have applied for housing via our online application.  We encourage all continuing students to apply for 2020-2021 on-campus housing by June 1, 2020 to receive the Early Application Rate. Visit our Housing Application Information page for more details!  

Coyote Dining

Does my meal plan still work?
Yes. Meal plans are still active; however, dining hours may adjust due to changes in campus occupancy.

Will dining facilities remain open?
Only Coyote Commons will be available for residents with meal plans.  Meal service will be daily for brunch (11:00 am - 1:00 pm) and dinner (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm) during the Spring Quarter.  Dining hours and operations are being evaluated on a regular basis based on changes in on-campus occupancy.  The Coyote Market at Coyote Commons is also available from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm during this time.  It is advised to consult the Coyote Dining web page for additional information.

What safety measures are being taken in the Coyote Commons?
Safety and sanitation are important to Coyote Dining. In an effort to take extra precaution, we are suspending the use of re-usable Green to Go containers and re-usable cups. You can still take a meal to-go using a compostable container. In addition, self-service stations at the Coyote Commons will now be served by a dining staff member.  Residents will not be allowed to eat in the Coyote Commons, all meals will be to go to ensure appropriate social distancing practices.