Roommate Assignments

The Department of Housing and Residential Education (DHRE) works with students to coordinate room assignments based on the information each student provides in their housing application. Every effort is made to accommodate student preferences.

Living successfully with roommates requires flexibility, compromise, open communication, and a willingness to listen and learn. Sharing a living space involves schedules, personalities, personal habits, stressors, and lifestyles; so it is important that roommates work together with an open mind and willingness to make the relationship with one another a positive and meaningful one.


Once the academic year begins and you have moved into your campus living space, it is critical that roommates discuss their expectations about living together. Take some time to share your feelings and thoughts on such topics as room cleanliness, having visitors/guests over, sharing or borrowing of each other’s personal property, sleeping and studying habits, etc. When conflicts arise, which is a normal part of living with a roommate, reflecting on these topics and communicating openly can assist in resolving disputes. If you find yourselves faced with a difficult situation and/or unsure of what to do, talk with your Resident Assistant (RA), they are there to assist!   

A Roommate Agreement (given out by your RA and available by clicking the link below) is a powerful tool to assist in this process, and provides roommates the opportunity to establish ground rules early.  This will increase your chances of having a positive and successful campus living experience. In some cases, Serrano Village residents will also be asked to complete a Suite Agreement.

Filling a Vacancy in a Room or Apartment

One goal of the Department of Housing and Residential Education is to fill vacancies immediately with students requesting campus housing. Residents do not have the authority or right to refuse potential roommates. The Department of Housing and Residential Education will make every effort to notify you in advance (usually 48 hours) of a new assignment to your room. Once notified, residents will be expected to clean the shared spaces (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies) and make room in the refrigerator, kitchen, and bathroom to ensure adequate space is available for a new roommate. Residents may be charged for unclean and unprepared common spaces, as well as, the use of a vacant room that they have occupied.

Room Change Requests

Room and apartment changes are made only under exceptional circumstances. If a conflict arises, all those involved are expected to make their best efforts to resolve the issue. Residential Education staff are available to assist each resident with any roommate concerns. Housing reserves the right to temporarily or permanently relocate a student to resolve a conflict. If a student is experiencing exceptional circumstances and wishes to change their housing assignment, the following guidelines apply:

Individuals interested in a room change must first communicate existing issues to their Resident Assistant and attempt to work toward a resolution. The RA will speak with each resident and evaluate the situation. A mediation may then be facilitated by the RA, and a DHRE Roommate Agreement may be established.  If, after the mediation, it becomes clear that the issue(s) cannot be resolved, a room change request may be submitted to DHRE.


  • Room changes are facilitated only between the 3rd and 8th week of each quarter.
  • Unauthorized room changes are not permitted. Residents violating this policy will be required to move back to their original room and are subject to disciplinary action and financial penalties.
  • Residents interested in a room change should note that housing fees could increase or decrease based on the new location.

*Room changes are facilitated and approved based on space availability.