Parents & Family

A student's transition to college can be a challenging time for parents. For the first time, your child will be living away from home, doing laundry (you hope), deciding when and what to eat (not just pizza, please), and far away from your watchful eye.

As a parent, you will be anxious, and the Department of Housing and Residential Education at CSUSB has gathered information to help alleviate your concerns.

Why Should Your Student Live On-Campus?

There are numerous benefits to living on campus. Benefits include:

Student Success. Much research has shown that students who live on campus have higher GPAs and graduate at higher rates compared to their off-campus counterparts. Living on campus contributes to greater overall satisfaction with ones experiences and success at the University.

Increased Satisfaction with College Life.  Research has shown that students who live on campus are more likely to graduate, able to participate in more student activities, have more frequent contact with other students, as well as, faculty, and have a satisfying college experience.

Life Long Friendships. Living on campus provides opportunities to meet other students from states all across the United States as well as students from countries all around the world, exposing students to a wider range of cultures, beliefs, and philosophies.

Employment and Leadership Opportunities. Students living on campus are offered a variety of leadership opportunities within their communities. Student employment opportunities within the Department of Housing and Residential Education include Resident Assistants, Hall Coordinators, Program Coordinators, Desk Assistants, and Mailroom Assistants.  Additionally, students have opportunities to gain leadership skills through involvement in their individual Village Councils, the governing body of their respective hall, as well as through the Residence Hall Association, the governing body to all the halls on campus.

A Sense of Belonging.  Students who live on campus feel more connected and a sense of belonging. Living on campus provides students with an ample opportunity to be involved and to live within the center of all the action on campus.

Convenience. Students who live on campus are near everything and within walking distance of classes, the Pfau Library, Rec. Center, campus activities, the Student Union, Student Health Center, and more.

Dining on Campus. Dining Services does an excellent job of providing a wide range of food and meal options for our students who live in the residence halls, just steps away from your door.

Safety & Security. The Department of Housing and Residential Education staff are concerned about the safety and security of both students and their belongings.  In conjunction with the University Police, we provide monitoring of the halls at all hours of the day and continually review and evaluate safety policies and procedures. Our student's cooperation in making these measures effective is essential.

  • Every residence hall room is equipped with a peephole so you can identify guests.
  • Community Service Officers and Resident Assistants walk the halls nightly. 
  • Residence hall staff are on duty or on call 24 hours a day.
  • The halls have card access to access entrance doors.

Dedicated Staff and Support. At CSUSB, support is right outside your door. Our staff are dedicated to the direct support and success of students. Starting with our student-staff of resident assistants, hall coordinators, and including full-time professional area coordinators, have regular interaction with each and every resident. In addition, there is always a staff member on duty or on-call to serve student 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Life in the residence halls is designed to support students throughout their collegiate experience.

Priority Registration. Living on campus offers students priority registration for courses each quarter.

Preferred Parking. Saves money on gas costs from driving to campus each day.

Activities and Events.  Numerous activities are offered to students living on campus - service projects for charities and social causes, intramural sports, cultural events, movie nights, and lots more. We also provide numerous public and lounge spaces in the halls, which create opportunities for activities and social interaction.

"Two words describe my residential experience: unlimited opportunities! I have experienced so much while living in Serrano Village. So many doors have been unlocked through my involvement in various leadership positions. Ten years from now, many of the people that I have met, and with whom I have shared these experiences, will still be a significant part of my life. You don't just meet people... You develop lifetime friendships." - Nicole Manely, Upland, CA