Serrano Village

What better way to fully immerse yourself into college life than living with other students who share your interests! Serrano Village is the ideal environment for first-year and new transfer students. Its traditional residence hall environment and strong sense of community make Serrano Village a perfect place to live and learn!  

Serrano Village is composed of 8 residence halls with 5 suites. Each residence hall has its own bathroom, laundry facility, kitchen, study room, and lounge area. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in Serrano Village.  Residents of each residence hall, elect Hall Government officers, plan activities, and more.


  • Living and learning environment with fully furnished single and double rooms
  • Ideal atmosphere for first-year students to meet other students and get involved on campus.
  • Community spaces in each residence hall include a kitchen, study room, lounge area, and laundry room.
  • Meal Plan required for all Serrano Village residents  
  • High-speed Wireless Internet
  • Living & Learning Communities available 
  • Swimming Pool

Living Options:

Double Room: Double Occupancy 

Double Room: Double Occupancy