The CSUSB student experience is characterized by unlimited potential and opportunities to maximize student success. For many individuals, it is the first time you will live with others different from yourselves. National research shows that living on campus leads to academic success, an increased overall satisfaction with college life, and places students at the center of the University community.

There are currently two types of campus housing available: suite - style residence halls in Serrano Village and apartment-style spaces in Arrowhead Village and University Village.

Living on campus is an important part of the college experience. We encourage new first year students to live on campus; however, students are not required to live on campus at CSUSB. 

Our rates vary depending on the room type. Please download the

 for more information.

Financial Aid can help with your cost of housing (depending on the amount of your financial aid award). Please contact the Financial Aid office at (909) 537-5227 for more information.

The Housing Contract is a 9-month contract for the academic year (September-June).

In your housing packet there is a Roommate Assignment form that you need to complete. That will give us your preferences and we match you as best as we can based off what you tell us.  You may request a friend however, your friend will also need to request you. Please give us the name and Coyote ID when making that request. We will do our best to assign you together, but we cannot guarantee that.

Room changes are permitted. Room changes are done the 3rd week into each quarter upon request and based on available spaces.

You will receive a confirmation letter and a copy of your signed contract confirming you have secured a bed space. You will receive a pending letter should you not have submitted the required documents or payment.

You will receive a letter by mail mid-August that will include your building and room type and all pertinent move-in information. 

Housing assignments are made by the Department of Housing and Residential Education. Our staff carefully reviews each application, and places students by their preferences and interests. 

Please contact our office via email at with your request. The assignment coordinator will review all requests and respond appropriately.

Serrano Village residents and freshmen living in Arrowhead Village are required to have a meal plan. Optional meal plans are available for upper division Arrowhead and University Village residents.

Quarterly payments are due prior to the beginning of each quarter.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited by CSUSB. Tobacco use and smoking are prohibited on all CSUSB property and in all indoor and outdoor spaces owned, leased, licensed, or otherwise controlled by CSUSB, with the exception of designated smoking areas.

Your meal plan begins the Sunday before each quarter (see the academic calendar). All Serrano Village residents are required to have a meal plan. Please visit the Dining Services web page for more information regarding dining locations, menus, and hours of operation.

Yes. We offer various study areas in each Village on campus. For your convenience, a computer lab is located in our University Village Community Center.

Resident Assistants (RAs) provide leadership in both residence halls and apartments. They plan programs and activities for enjoyment and learning. They are trained in conflict mediation and crisis management.  The are also a referral source for residents and are available to answer any questions you may have.

You must purchase a University parking permit to park in designated residential parking. More information can be found on the Parking Office website.

The R.A. on duty is on call for students’ safety and security. Each hall also has security card access. University Police are available 24 hours, 7 days a week in case of emergency at (909)537-3496.

We offer large screen TVs, ping-pong, foosball and pool tables, swimming pools, computer labs, barbecue areas, and a fitness room for residents.

We offer tours Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m- 4:00 p.m., except on CSUSB holidays. To arrange a tour, please call the Department of Housing and Residential Education at (909) 537-4155. To arrange a campus tour please call Campus Tours and Events at (909) 537-5192.

You can always check the

 for the official arrival and move-in days for both new and incoming students. Arrival for returning students is usually on the day prior the start of classes. Please be sure to bring a photo ID for identification purposes. Please notify our office if you have an issue with arriving during our posted hours at (909) 537-4155.

You can always check the

 for the official arrival and move-in days for both new and incoming students. On arrival day, all vehicles will be directed to parking lots near their residence hall. 

If you have a specific housing need, please contact us at (909) 537-4155. 

CSUSB residence halls do not close for the quarter breaks and are open during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break periods.

Each residence hall has a recreational area with a TV, couches, and study tables. Some residence halls also offer game equipment such as ping pong and pool tables, where space permits. Laundry facilities and study lounges can also be found in each hall. Also, there are small kitchenettes that include a sink, microwave, and small refrigerator in each residence hall.

Yes. It costs $1.25 per load to wash and $75 cents per load to dry. Machines only accept a debit or credit card.

The number of students sharing a bathroom depends on the living area, ranging from 10-20 students in Serrano Village and two people per bathroom in the apartments. 

None of the bathrooms in the residence halls are co-ed. On co-ed floors, men and women each have separate bathrooms. On single-gender floors, there is one bathroom for the students on each floor.

Each residence hall room has one extra-long bed, desk, chair, and a dresser for each student living there. The type of furniture varies between residence halls. Some rooms have beds that may be adjusted, others do not. Some beds are bunked, some are not. All university furniture needs to remain in the room, and may not be switched with another room. Each residence hall room has an individual door key and door lock. You are required to keep the furniture that is provided in your room. You are also responsible for the condition and location of the furniture that you were provided.

Remember, you may not have room for everything you want to bring, but listed below are a few things you might want to have on hand. You should discuss with your roommate(s) what items each of you might bring.

  • Pillow(s), Linens, Towels, Hangers, Waste Basket
  • Study lamp, writing utensils, file cabinet, alarm clock.
  • Computer, printer (Must use USB cable to connect printer to computer), surge protector (must be UL approved), ethernet cable (for Arrowhead and University Village only). 
  • Flashlight, First aid kit.
  • Soap, shampoo, toilet paper (Arrowhead and University Village only).
  • Vacuum, cleaning supplies, Laundry supplies, e.g.
  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate, original Social Security card, and a valid driver’s license.
  • Optional in Serrano Village:  Refrigerator (no bigger than 4 cubic ft.)
  • Weapons, fireworks, explosives, or other dangerous items.
  • Personal routers, older bluetooth speakers and cordless phones.  Please see the device list for on-campus living.
  • Electric frying pans, crock pots, microwave oven, hot plates, toaster ovens (Serrano Village only)
  • Waterbeds
  • Pets ( Fish in a 10 gallon tank okay)
  • Candles or incense

Storage is not available for students. The university does not accept responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen property. Students can choose to store items at local storage facilities off campus.

Although CSUSB is a safe community, we strongly encourage students to be aware of their personal safety and security and to use common sense. For your safety, the front doors of each residence hall are always locked, and campus safety patrols campus regularly, 24 hours a day.  Students should lock their individual room or suite doors at all times, even when going to the bathroom down the hall.

We encourage students to purchase renter’s insurance. For those without such insurance, information regarding property insurance will be sent in a separate mailing over the summer. Please note that the university is not responsible for loss of property.

It is critical that if you lose your room key, you report this immediately to the front desk staff of your area to avoid compromising both your safety and that of your roommates.

Please submit a work order through the Housing and Residential Education webpage.  Generally, work orders placed during the week are resolved within 48 hours.

If your cable TV does not work, please submit a work order through the Housing and Residential Education webpage.  

If your wireless/wired internet does not work, please submit a work order through our Technology Support Center webpage.

Generally, work orders placed during the week are resolved within 48 hours.