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2022-2023 Housing and Move-In Information

2022-2023 Move-In Packing List

2022-2023 Housing Information

Thank you for your interest in on-campus housing at CSUSB; we strongly believe in the value of on-campus student housing and welcome you to the DHRE Pack!  Housing assignments are made based on application submission date and space availability; we encourage students interested in living on campus to apply now!

Students should regularly check their Coyote email and visit CSUSB's Return of the Pack Information page for important campus announcements.

Spring Semester 2023 Resident Move-In 

Our Spring Semester 2023 move-in day is scheduled for Friday, January 20, 2023 by appointment.  An email with complete move-in details and move-in appointment scheduling instructions will be sent to residents in early January to ensure accuracy.  All residents must sign up for a move-in appointment and the appointments will be staggered to promote a safe and healthy move-in process.

We encourage residents to bring their own moving carts or hand trucks to assist with the move-in process.  A limited number of moving bins for unloading  will be available by request for 20 minutes.

Utilize the 2022-2023 Packing List to help you decide on what to bring to campus; we encourage you to avoid over-packing and limit belongings to one car load.  It is best to coordinate shared items with roommate/apartment-mates. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Self-Certification Required for Housing Residents

All 2022-2023 CSUSB housing residents must submit their COVID-19 vaccination or exemption status via the self-certification link in myCoyote before they are eligible to move-in to on-campus housing.  Residents must keep their self-certification status up-to-date through the myCoyote portal under the Student COVID-19 Vaccine Self-Certification tile.  Students are able to return to the self-certification tile in myCoyote to update their status and/or input additional information as needed.  

Residents who fail to submit their self-certification will not be allowed to check-in to the residence halls until it is completed in myCoyote.  In order to be in compliance with the self-certification, residents must be vaccinated (including the booster shot) OR have a medical or religious exemption.

Health and Safety Measures

  • It is highly advised that 2022-2023 on-campus housing residents and their move-in helpers test for COVID-19 prior to arriving to campus to move-in.  Those who test positive or are experiencing symptoms should contact DHRE to reschedule their move-in appointment for a later date/time.
  • Residents must agree to adhere to University expectations intended to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19 or other diseases consistent with health and safety guidance.
  • It is the residents’ responsibility to keep personal living space in a sanitary condition and to adhere to sanitation standards in shared spaces. DHRE staff retain the right to conduct health and safety inspections of the living space.
  • On-campus residents must comply with all health and safety orders, ordinances, policies, regulations, and guidance adopted by the University or Department of Housing and Residential Education as it relates to COVID-19. This guidance may evolve as circumstances warrant.
  • Important information will be posted at CSUSB's Return of the Pack webpage.

COVID-19 Student Housing License Agreement Addendum

Residents should access the Housing Portal to read and acknowledge the COVID-19 Student Housing License Agreement Addendum.  Residents will need to acknowledge the addendum in advance of their move-in appointment.  The addendum will outline important policies and procedures related to COVID-19 health and safety measures, as well as expectations for living in on-campus housing.  It is each resident's responsibility to read the addendum and to be familiar with any requirements outlined in the document.

Cleaning and Maintenance

DHRE maintenance and custodial staff continue operating in our Villages and respond to maintenance requests.  Our custodial cleaning program uses an EPA-registered disinfectant to clean high-touch surfaces including hallways, elevators, doors, entrances, stairwells, etc.

Once residents occupy an apartment (AV or UV), it is their responsibility to clean their individual bedroom and bathroom; cleaning of the shared kitchen and living room spaces are the responsibility of the assigned occupants.  Residents of Coyote Village are responsible for cleaning their rooms; cleaning of community bathrooms and common areas is done by custodial staff.  All residents should not share dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and other cooking or food service items. 

We advise students to review the CDC guidelines for cleaning and recommended household disinfectants.

Residential Education and Staffing

DHRE staff, including Student Leaders, Faculty In Residence, and Area Coordinators for Residential Education are available in the Villages; they serve as resources, provide support, and help address questions or concerns.

Much of the residential education experience encourages resident engagement and community building via programming, passive messaging, and 1:1 meetings.  In-person social interactions, events, and programming will be facilitated in alignment with appropriate health and safety guidelines.  We encourage all residents to get involved with their Village and to make connections with others living on campus!

Yotie Eats

Yotie Eats is CSUSB's on-campus dining service provider and can assist you with meal plans and options.  For more information, including mandatory and voluntary meal plan options, please visit Yotie Eats.

Resident Services

For information about high-speed internet / Wi-Fi access, residential mail services, and on-campus laundry, please visit our Resident Services page.


A parking permit needs to be displayed in vehicles at all times when parked on campus. Daily parking permits are available at parking permit dispenser machines located on various parking lots around campus.

Resident permits must be picked up from the Information Center 1 Kiosk on University Parkway during University business hours. A CSUSB ID is required when picking a parking permit. 

Contact Parking and Transportation at 909.537.5912 or with questions or for additional information.