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Mission & Goals


The California State University San Bernardino University Honors Program develops public scholars and artists whose values are shaped by inquiry and exploration by providing opportunities to explore the complexities of the world, challenges to develop students’ abilities, and a community of support.


1. The University Honors Program cultivates individuals who identify their own beliefs and values within an ethical framework.
2. The University Honors Program fosters life-long learners who pursue knowledge through inquiry, exploration, and application;
3. The University Honors program nurtures citizens who engage with a community and work towards its success.

The program’s staff works in collaboration with students and campus personnel to develop these goals through three distinct program components: the curriculum, co-curricular programs , and a residential program.


Collaboration: Work collaboratively with persons from different fields of specialization in diverse, cross-disciplinary teams to analyze and/or solve applied issues and problems.

Scholarship (breadth): Demonstrate an understanding of the diverse nature of scholarship in the university by applying the tools (methodologies/content/skills) of multiple disciplines to analyze and/or solve complex issues and problems.

Inquiry (depth): Design, plan, and execute an original research or creative project in a particular discipline or interdisciplinary field that would meet professional standards in that discipline or field.

Civic Engagement: Demonstrate social consciousness, community building, and engaged civic responsibility through participation in campus and community activities and service.

Personal Development: Synthesize academic, professional, and community involvement into an action plan for post-baccalaureate aspirations, revealing personal strengths, weaknesses, and significantly changed perspectives about life experience.