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Can Presidential Academic Excellence Scholars join the Honors Program?

Yes. PAES scholars automatically qualify for the Honors Program. No application is necessary. Beginning in Fall 2018, PAES scholars are required to be members of the University Honors Program to maintain their scholarship.

What Are The Program Requirements?

Students must maintain an overall 3.3 GPA to remain in good standing.

Incoming Freshmen: 38 units of Honors courses over 4 years, to include three freshman core General Education qualified courses (Language and Meaning series [12 units] including Honors courses in Critical Thinking, Philosophy, and Oral Communication), Honors Colloquium [3 units] in the freshman year and Honors Seminar [3 units] in the sophomore year,Upper Division Writing for Honors Students [4 units], a Senior Project [4 units] conducted in students' major, and 12 additional units (including 4 units of upper-division courses) selected from available honors-designated courses.

Transfer Students: 15 units of Honors courses, to include Honors Seminar [3 units] in the junior year, a Senior Project [4 units] conducted in students' major, and 8 additional units (to include Upper Division Writing for Honors Students[4 units] unless this requirement has been met previously) selected from available honors-designated courses.

What Is The Selection Process?

Members of the Honors Program are selected by the Director and Honors Program Committee. Freshmen or transfer student applicants must first be accepted as university students; this is a separate procedure controlled and administered by the Admissions Office.

How to Apply?

Students must submit the following information:

  1. Honors Program Application Form;
  2. A Student Resume;
  3. A Tweet-Length Statement of Purpose;
  4. A 300-500 word essay in response to a prompt;
  5. Two letters of recommendation from teachers or counselors familiar with your academic achievements.

The application form is entirely online.

Who May Apply?

Students are invited to apply to the University Honors Program once they are admitted to the university. Admission to Honors depends on meeting a combination of GPA and test score requirements that are combined into something called an Eligibility Index Score. Students taking the SAT must have a minimum EI score of 3920 , while students taking the ACT must have a minimum 938 to be invited to apply to the program. To calculate your EI Score, use one of the following formulas:

  1. (a-g GPA x 800) + SAT score
  2. (a-g GPA x 200) + ACT score
  3. Transfer students must have a GPA of 3.5 for admission to the program. The application consists of a student résumé, a Tweet-length statement of purpose, and a short essay in response to a prompt. Applicants will also supply two letters of recommendation.
What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is designed to provide students with a supportive learning community of faculty and peers who share a love of knowledge and a commitment to academic excellence. Honors students take honors G.E. courses together in the freshman year. These courses give students an integrated series of G.E. classes with small class size and dedicated faculty. Honors students go on fieldtrips to plays and museums, study together in the Honors Lounge and computer lab, learn leadership skills and participate in community service projects. They receive Honors designation on their college transcripts and have priority at registration for classes.

Where is the Application and What is the Deadline to Apply?

The University Honors Program uses a fully online application form, the link for which is distributed to eligible students when they are accepted to CSUSB. Students identified as eligible are contacted by letter inviting them to apply to the program and providing a link to the application. Students who do not meet Honors Program admission criteria do not receive this letter. The deadline to apply for Fall 2018 is April 1st, 2018.

What if I've already taken a GE section before I've been admitted to the Honors Program? Do I still need to take the honors section?

No.  You'd just need to designate a GE course as honors and get approval from the Director to receive honors credit. It should be noted, however, that most students electing this option fail to follow through and, as a result, do not graduate with University Honors.

How do I log my community service hours?

The University Honors Program uses a mobile application called MobileServe. Please download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Instructions for creating an account are available in the Honors Offices.