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Program Policies

Academic Expectations

To maintain membership in the University Honors Program, students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3.

Academic Probation

When students’ GPAs fall below that threshold, probation procedures are put into effect. Students on probationary status will be given one academic year to increase their GPAs to the program minimum.

The probation process is as follows:

  1. GPA checks are conducted by Program Counselor after each semester;
  2. Students below the required 3.3 program minimum GPA are notified by email of probation status;
  3. Probation students are required to schedule an appointment with the Program Counselor;
  4. A Probation Contract will be reviewed and signed by both the student and the Program Counselor;
  5. Check-ins will continue with the Program Counselor each semester until the student is either removed from probation OR;
  6. Should the student not raise the GPA above the program minimum, the student will meet with the Director for dismissal and next steps.

A Note about Honors in the Major

While the University Honors Program sets 3.3 as its minimum cumulative GPA, some majors require students to maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA to participate in honors in the major programs. Membership in the University Honors Program does not automatically qualify students for participation in major-specific honors programs. Completion of an honors research or creative project in the major is required of students wishing to receive transcript notations of completing the requirements of the University Honors Program.