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Advising in Honors

Honors Program Advising


Honors advising is designed to help student scholars actualize their personal academic and career goals through inquiry, exploration, and application. The Program Counselor works in tandem with students to design an educational and career pathway utilizing holistic strengths-based approaches.

Goals of Honors Advising:

  • Empower students with the autonomy to align their purpose with their major and career goals.
  • Create educational plans based on strengths, abilities, aspirations, interests, and values.
  • Help students uncover research interests that add innovative scholarship and knowledge to their academic discipline.
  • Draw correlations between curricular and co-curricular experiences to enhance academic learning and career trajectory.


Appointment Procedures & Guidelines:

When signing up for an appointment, choose:

  • Academic Advising OR University Studies >
  • Select Appointment Type >
  • Honors Program >
  • Crystal Otubuah

Schedule an Appointment wth the Program Counselor

Appointment Information

  • When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you will need to check-in to the kiosk (IPad) and wait in Room CJ 144.
  • If you need anything reviewed (resume, CV, personal statement, etc.), please send materials over to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Late Appointments

  • Your appointment will be cancelled if you are 10 minutes late without notice— If you anticipate arriving late to your appointment, please call the Program Counselor at (909) 537-74241 or e-mail


  • If you cannot keep an appointment, you must cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please be considerate to other students by planning ahead if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This will help open up time slots for other students.