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Application Form

To be considered for the University Honors Program, you will need to complete the application below, which includes a tweet-length response and a 300-500 word essay, and upload two letters of recommendation.

The first part of the application collects personal information about you, including basic contact information, anticipated major/undecided, and extra-curricular activities you participated, including work experience. We suggest that you review the application form and gather that information so that you can include all that you think is relevant.

We also recommend that students draft and revise the written responses in advance and cut and paste them into the application. The essay does not have a correct answer, nor does the tweet-length response. We wish to assess the level of your writing and critical thinking skills. All prospective students who have done well in their previous written work in high school or college, regardless of personal history, geographic location, or family levels of college education, should be able to respond to these essays.