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About Us

Project Overview

This project has been funded by the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program grant of the U.S. Department of Education for a three year period from 2014 to 2017.

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Census numbers for Hispanics in the Inland Empire:

Two California State University campuses, CSUSB (in southern California) and CSUS (in northern California), will partner as a consortium to develop a new Certificate Program in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, including the necessary specialized instructional materials and international cultural experience, to address the urgent need for linguistically and culturally prepared healthcare workers serving the rapidly growing largest minority group in the state: Hispanics. This project responds to the UISFL focus of conducting research for and developing specialized teaching materials, including language materials.

The purpose of the Certificate Program is to develop specialized Spanish proficiency at an intermediate level or higher, while reviewing and broadening the grammar foundation attained in elementary Spanish. Therefore, the program is designed for second and third year Spanish courses. Moreover, a large number of students have already developed basic Spanish proficiency in high school or at home, if they are heritage speakers. The Certificate Program will stress the development of linguistic, cultural, and behavioral demeanors appropriate for successful communication with persons of Hispanic heritage in a professional situation.

Both campuses will develop the Certificate Program in consultation with healthcare faculty and professionals and offer it to undergraduates who are completing healthcare or medical majors (health sciences, kinesiology, nursing, nutrition, speech pathology). The instructional materials and culminating international experience will be developed jointly, while program implementation will slightly vary between the two campuses. CSUSB will develop four new courses and adapt two, and CSUS will adapt four current courses and develop one new course. For this, the consortium will create specialized teaching materials consisting of a second year Spanish language hypertextbook, a third-year hypertextbook that includes specialized medical/healthcare terminology, and a third year specialized Hispanic culture hypertextbook, each with authentic medical/healthcare materials from various Spanish speaking countries. The Certificate Program will also include practica in the local community and abroad.

CSUSB and CSUS will pilot the Certificate Program during the three-year grant period. Quarterly internal assessments and feedback from two external evaluators leading to revisions, as necessary, will ensure highest quality of the developed materials, which will be freely accessible on the Certificate Program website. Continuous recruitment and promotion efforts, as well as institutional commitment, will guarantee long-term sustainability of the Certificate Program.