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Degree Requirements

This program consists of lower division courses that many complete in community college.  If you have not completed those and transfer in you will need to get those out of the way right away.  For transfer students there is a suggested sequence to finish in Two Year Roadmap,  There is also a suggested sequence for a Four Year Roadmap.    

Lower division courses should be completed before signing up for the pre-field experience.

Lower division courses should be completed prior to taking upper division courses to the extent possible.  See the university bulletin for prerequisites.

A grade of 'C' or better is required in all upper division courses for this major including in approved substitute courses.

To complete your degree in two years you:

  1. must take courses when they are offered (day, time, quarter) and
  2. must have the 2000 level sciences completed prior to transferring here or to taking upper division, or
  3. take summer courses

Requirements for the B.S. in Public Health

(Program Code: PBHL)

Lower-division requirements - includes 4 GE units: (14)  
HSCI 1100 Problem Solving Skills for Health Science 1
HSCI 1200 Health and Society: An Ecological and Societal Approach 3
HSCI 1200L Health and Society: An Ecological and Societal Approach Lab 1
HSCI 2200 Introduction to Public Health 3
HSCI 2202 Software Applications in the Health Sciences 3
HSCI 2203 Introduction to Statistics in Health Sciences 3
Upper-division requirements: (42)  
HSCI 3200 Foundations of Public Health Education 3
HSCI 3201 Health Behavior 3
HSCI 3202 Topics in Environmental and Occupational Health 3
HSCI 3203 Global Health 3
HSCI 3204 Public Health Nutrition 3
HSCI 3205 Biostatistics for Health Science 3
HSCI 3206 Public Health Law and Ethics 3
HSCI 3207 Social Determinants of Health 3
HSCI 3208 Introduction to Professional Development and Communication 3
HSCI 4200 Health Administration 3
HSCI 4202 Epidemiology 3
HSCI 4203 Public Health Program Planning and Implementation 3
HSCI 4204 Research Methods and Evaluation in Public Health 3
HSCI 4205 Advanced Professional Writing in Public Health 3
Capstone Experience (3)  
Three units chosen from: 3

HSCI 4213

Community Service Project in Public Health  

HSCI 5752

Field Experience in Health Science  

HSCI 5753

Field Experience in Health Science  

HSCI 5970

Honors Thesis for Public Health  
Electives (9)  
Nine units chosen from: 9

HSCI 4206

Infectious Disease Burden in U.S.  

HSCI 4207

Chronic Disease Burden in U.S.  

HSCI 4208

Drug and Alcohol Issues  

HSCI 4209

Complementary and Alternative Medicine  

HSCI 4210

Cultural Competency  

HSCI 4211

Mental Health Issues in Public Health  

HSCI 4212

Topics about Special Populations  


Independent Study for Public Health  


Independent Study for Public Health  


Independent Study for Public Health  
Total Units 68