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Degree Requirements

This program consists of lower division courses that many complete in community college.  If you have not completed those and transfer in you will need to get those out of the way right away.  For transfer students there is a suggested sequence to finish in Two Year Roadmap,  There is also a suggested sequence for a Four Year Roadmap and a Five Year Roadmap.    

Lower division courses should be completed before signing up for the pre-field experience.

Lower division courses should be completed prior to taking upper division courses to the extent possible.  See the university bulletin for prerequisites.

A grade of 'C' or better is required in all upper division courses for this major including in approved substitute courses.

To complete your degree in two years you:

  1. must take courses when they are offered (day, time, quarter) and
  2. must have the 200 level sciences completed prior to transferring here or to taking upper division, or
  3. take summer courses


Public Health Education Concentration (Program Code: HSPH)

BIOL 220 Principles of Microbiology 5
BIOL 223 Human Physiology and Anatomy I 5
BIOL 224 Human Physiology and Anatomy II 5
CHEM 205 Fundamentals of Chemistry I: General Chemistry 5
HSCI 271 Introduction to Public Health 4
HSCI 273 Software Applications in the Health Sciences 4
HSCI 301 Foundations of Public Health Education 4
HSCI 310 Health and Human Sexuality 4
HSCI 342 Nutrition for Your Health 4
HSCI 359 Global Health 4
HSCI 364 Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse 4
HSCI 455 Health Policy and Law 4
HSCI 468 Research Methodology in Health Science 4
HSCI 471 Health Program Planning and Implementation 4
HSCI 473 Strategies and Methods in Health Education 4
HSCI 480 Health Services Administration 4
HSCI 489 Pre-Field Experience 2
HSCI 493 Field Experience Seminar 1
HSCI 495 Field Experience 4
Four units of upper division elective from SOC, ANTH, PA, GEOG, PSYC, HSCI as approved by advisor. 4
Total Units 79