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Health Services Administration

The B.S. Degree in Health Services Administration is designed to prepare a diverse-student body for management roles in public, not-for-profit, and private health care settings, to enhance the quality and innovation in the delivery of health care services for all individuals.  

Graduates from this program gain relevant work-related experiences and are: 1) trained in health services administration competencies including marketing, finance, human resources, and other related functions, with a working knowledge of operations, information systems, statistical analysis, and quality improvement, and  2) prepared to enter the profession or a graduate program.  This program aligns with certification standards of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

Program Coordinator: Dr. Nicole Henley, PhD, MBA

Health Science Core Courses

(Must earn grades of 'C' (2.0) or better in all upper-division coursework with an HSCI prefix or any course approved for upper-division Health Science substitutions required in the major.)

Program Requirements (65 units)

Total units required for graduation: 120 units

Requirements for B.S in Health Services Administration
Course Title Units
ACCT 2110 Introductory Accounting I 3
ECON 2201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
HSCI 1200 Health and Society: An Ecological and Societal Approach 3
HSCI 1200L Health and Society: An Ecological and Societal Approach Lab 1
HSCI 2202 Software Applications in the Health Sciences 3
HSCI 2203 Introduction to Statistics in Health Sciences 3
HSCI 3040 Introduction to Health Services Administration 3
HSCI 3060 Medical Care Organizations 3
HSCI 3080 Operations Management 3
HSCI 3205 Biostatistics for Health Science 3
HSCI 4036 Human Resources Management in Health Care 3
HSCI 4037 Information Systems & Financial Management in Health Care 3
HSCI 4055 Health Policy, Law, and Ethics 3
HSCI 4060 Strategic Planning and Marketing in the Health Care System 3
HSCI 4068 Research Methodology in Health Science 3
HSCI 4080 Leadership in Health Services Administration 3
HSCI 4089 Field Experience Preparation 1
HSCI 4095 Field Experience in Health Services Administration 3
HSCI 4202 Epidemiology 3
HSCI 4210 Cultural Competency 3
MGMT 3020 Organizational Behavior 3


Elective Requirements for B.S in Health Services Administration 

Electives (6)

Six units chosen from:

Title Units
ECON 3314 Public Economics 3
HSCI 3052 Principles of Environmental Health 3
HSCI 3067 Human Diseases and Disorders 3
HSCI 3203 Global Health 3
HSCI 3207 Social Determinants of Health 3
HSCI 3556 Housing, Institutions, and Land Use 3
HSCI 4023 Health and Wellness of Older Adults 3
HSCI 4052 Special Topics in Health Services Administration 3
HSCI 4200 Health Administration 3
HSCI 5010 Hospital Administration 3
HSCI 5013 Managed Care Systems 3
HSCI 5951 Independent Study 3
HSCI 5952 Independent Study 3
HSCI 5953  Independent Study 3