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Health Services Administration

The mission of the health care management concentration is to prepare our graduates as competent entry level health care managers to enhance quality in service provision in health care delivery systems with skills to work in public, not-for-profit, and private health care settings.   Graduates are prepared in health care management subject matter including policy formulation, finance, administrative functions, roles of medical staff, federal and state regulation, planning and marketing, human resources and other health care management functions.  The health care management concentration prepares students for entry-level positions in health care management organizations including hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, long term care facilities, and medical offices. Management and staff opportunities for the trained baccalaureate include consulting firms, durable medical equipment, pharmaceutical companies, and health care information systems vendors.

The B.S. in Health Science, with a concentration in Health Care Management may be combined with a minor in business.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Nicole Henley, MBA, PhD

Health Science Core Courses (25 units)

(Must earn grades of 'C' (2.0) or better in all upper-division coursework with an HSCI prefix or any course approved for upper-division Health Science substitutions required in the major.)

Lower Division Requirement (5 units)

HSCI 120 Health and Society: An Ecological Approach (5)

Upper Division B.S. Health Science Requirements (20 units)

HSCI 315.  Statistics for the Health Sciences (4)
HSCI 352.  Principles of Environmental Health (4)
HSCI 367.  Human Disease Mechanisms (4) (prerequisites BIO 223 [5 units}and  BIO 224 [5 units])
HSCI 370.  Health Behavior (4)
HSCI 451.  Principles of Epidemiology (4)

Health Care Management Concentration (Program Code: HSHC)

ACCT 211 Introductory Accounting I 4
ACCT 212 Introductory Accounting II 4
ECON 200 Principles of Microeconomics 4
HSCI 271 Introduction to Public Health 4
HSCI 273 Software Applications in the Health Sciences 4
HSCI 360 Medical Care Organizations 4
HSCI 423 Health and Wellness of Older Adults 4
HSCI 436 Human Resources Management in Health Care 4
HSCI 438 Financial Management in Health Care 4
HSCI 452 Special Topics in Health Science and Human Ecology 4
HSCI 455 Health Policy and Law 4
HSCI 460 Strategic Planning and Marketing in the Health Care System 4
HSCI 468 Research Methodology in Health Science 4
HSCI 480 Health Services Administration 4
HSCI 489 Pre-Field Experience 2
HSCI 493 Field Experience Seminar 1
HSCI 495 Field Experience 4
MGMT 302 Management and Organizational Behavior 4
Twelve units of upper-division health science electives or other electives approved by an advisor. 12
Total Units 79