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Course Requirements

Environmental Health Concentration (Program Code: HSEH)

Fifteen units chosen from Group A or B below:15
Group A:
Biology of the Cell
Biology of Organisms
Biology of Populations
Group B:
Topics in Biology
Human Physiology and Anatomy I
Human Physiology and Anatomy II
BIOL 220Principles of Microbiology5
or BIOL 320Microorganisms
CHEM 215General Chemistry I: Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding6
CHEM 216General Chemistry II: Principles of Chemical Reactions6
MATH 192Methods of Calculus4
or MATH 211Basic Concepts of Calculus
Organic chemistry, a minimum of five units. Choose Group A, B, or C:5
Group A:
Fundamentals of Chemistry II: Organic Chemistry
Group B:
Organic Chemistry I Lecture
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Organic Chemistry II Lecture
Organic Chemistry II Lab
Organic Chemistry III Lecture
Organic Chemistry III Lab
Group C:
Principles of Organic Chemistry I
Principles of Organic Chemistry II
Principles of Organic Chemistry III
HSCI 380Toxicology4
HSCI 401Advanced Environmental Health5
HSCI 402Principles of Occupational Health5
HSCI 403Vector-borne Disease Control5
HSCI 480Health Services Administration4
HSCI 496Internship in Environmental Health4
A minimum of thirteen units, choose Group A or B below:13
Group A:
Basic Concepts of Physics I
Basic Concepts of Physics II
Basic Concepts of Physics III
Group B:
General Physics I
General Physics II
General Physics III
Six units of health science electives chosen from:6
Air Pollution
Radiological Health and Safety
Solid Waste Management
Housing and Institutions
Water Quality and Pollution
Occupational Safety
Environmental Health Engineering
Directed Reading
Food-Borne Illnesses and Their Prevention
Hazardous Material Control
Management of Water Quality
Independent Study
Total Units87