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Credentials & Certificates

The department of Health Science & Human Ecology offers several certificate programs:

Audiometrist Certificate

This certificate authorizes public school personnel to administer hearing testing. The certificate is offered through the State Department of Health Services.

Gerontology Certificate
The Certificate in Gerontology at CSUSB is designed for students from a variety of disciplines, and with a variety of career goals. Although traditionally completed by students in Sociology, Psychology, and Health Science, this certificate is open to all majors. 

Health Care Management Certificate
The Certificate in Health Care Management will provide student's with the skills to oversee healthcare systems, public health systems, which include hospital and other medical facilities. 

Health Science Teaching Credential Preparation Program
The School Health Concentration is the appropriate choice for all students who want to teach health science in schools. It meets the requirements for secondary level subject matter competency in health science. Students wishing to be recommended for a single subject teaching credential in Health Science must complete the requirements for this concentration as well as certain prerequisites to the teacher education program. For information about the professional education component, admission to the teacher education program, or specific requirements for the single subject waiver program seepage 152 in the CSUSB Bulletin or contact the Credentials Office (C.A.S.E.).